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Reading’ - An Amazing Treasure - Great habit of highly effective students

Rammyaa M – Assistant Professor, Supply Chain Management & Strategy, Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai


Ask any youth who completed graduation, their requirement is higher studies, B-school aspiration, and good placement. But one should not forget, that is just the entry point to the business world. To shine and sustain in this competitive world, they need to equip themselves. Reading opens the gateway to knowledge, creativity, innovation, and success in an uncertain future. If you observe all great personalities, they are ardent readers. Almost all renowned people read every day because they understand that knowledge is fundamental to victory. In the modern era, technology consumes almost all students waking hours. As technology has evolved into one of the most widely used tools for expression, many have forgotten the treasure in their busy lives. As Walt Disney said, “There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.” The significance of this priceless treasure is discussed in this article.

Mind Stimuli: The mind needs stimuli in order to function effectively and foster notions. Reading fortifies mental muscles and reduces stress. Reading calls for a person to process information and think in a way that technological tools cannot. Children who read have better cognitive abilities as they age. Reading with concentration is one of the most straightforward techniques for sharpening the brain across all age groups. The ability to think clearly is essential for creativity. The more you read, the more creative and imaginative your mind becomes.

Broadens Perspective: Books broaden your perspectives and allow you to see things might not have considered or imagined otherwise. It not only increases vocabulary but compassion, understanding, and a sense of connection to the outside world. You can see a variety of people, families, places, cultures, beliefs, and a wide range of other things by reading books. It increases your knowledge and understanding of what you're reading and how it relates to your life. It improves imagination. It broadens perspectives and develops independent thinking and the capacity for action.

Enhances Decision-Making Ability: Making important decisions requires the use of critical thinking skills. Reading requires a different type of thinking and information processing than watching TV or using other electronic gadgets. The ability to develop critical thinking abilities is one of reading's main advantages. What sets people apart in the workplace is how they approach problems in an innovative way. Many innovative thinkers and business leaders have drawn inspiration from books and instilled this reading culture in organizations. For instance, Sathya Nadella after being appointed as CEO of Microsoft took one of his very first actions to hand over the required reading (Nonviolent Communication) to executives to transform the organization.

Reading is not just choosing a text and reciting it. It is a multidimensional mental activity in which we actually recognize the word and grasp its significance. It's important to remember that reading, historically and continues to benefit overall health and cognitive development. Deep reading will help students instill the ability, vision, willingness, and innovative approach to solving problems during interviews and glow in the workplace.

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