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Sajid Khan asked me why my breasts were so small, suggested cosmetic surgery, reveals actor Rayya Labib

 As if Bigg Boss 16 contestant and filmmaker Sajid Khan does not have enough on his plate and even as his bag of problems keeps on increasing, one more model and aspiring actor Rayya Labib based in Mumbai has come forward to accuse Sajid Khan of misdemeanor and harassment which according to her allegedly happened ten years ago.According to Rayya Labib, she met Sajid Khan at a party at a 5-star hotel in Mumbai at Bandra, where he allegedly remarked about the size of her breasts, after she was introduced to him by a casting director."He asked me why my breasts were so small and how many times a week I had sex. He wanted to know how many men I had slept with. He was infatuated with the size of my boobs and asked me at least three times in 15 minutes if I intended to do something about the size of my breasts and even suggested the name of a famous cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai who could do bust enhancement for me at a reasonable budget," Rayya Labib told this reporter."I did not take it seriously. Those were my initial days in Mumbai and I was only 18 years old then. I was struggling and was meeting directors and producers, hoping that I will get some role in any project to get some experience and understand how things work. We all go through this stage. I did not pay any attention to Sajid Khan. Many directors made comments about my breasts or bums or thighs and I was used to it. Since I hail from Assam  , I have different physical features as compared to a Punjabi or North Indian girl. Directors and producers asked me about my height, my breasts and such things. I was immune to those questions. But now seeing Sajid Khan on Bigg Boss, I am reminded of that incident nearly 10 years ago and decided to share it with the media," Rayya told this website. 
Actor Rayya Labib who originally hails from Assam, was seen in director Maneesh F Singh's film Green Terror which was based on cross-border terrorism sponsored by Pakistan. They actually shot parts of the film in Pakistan in the year 2016-7. She also did a film with Vrindaavan Films called Welcome to Chennai and will be seen in a comedy web series on an OTT platform. She has also featured in the film "Lakme" by Sanjay Khandelwal and "It's Over" by Dhiraj Kumar as well as in other projects.
She has done hundreds of print shoots and modeling assignments over a career spanning more than 10 years. In 2012-13 she moved to Mumbai to pursue her dream of acting and modeling and she has been based here since then. She is also actively involved in social work and supports charities and NGOs working with street children in Mumbai.

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