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CRISIL Research Data on Milk Procurement by Dairy Companies in India


Private players have a strong foothold in 8 of the top 12 milk producing states


 Hatsun Agro Product Ltd had commissioned CRISIL, India’s largest Independent research house to conduct a market study regarding milk procurement by private dairy companies in India. The study was initiated based on the request from Mr. R Rajasekaran, Secretary, Tamil Nadu Dairies Association for details about milk procurement in India by Private players. Hatsun Agro Product Ltd had sponsored this all India study by CRISIL.


According to RG Chandramogan, Chairman, Hatsun Agro Product Ltd “The report is extensive and gives a good picture of the contribution made by private sector in the dairy industry starting from 1992 when the dairy industry was opened up for private sector. The private sector used their own risk capital without any subsidies or loss write-off by state governments and contributed to the dairy sector development. The report also highlights how the market mechanism in procurement works for cooperatives and private dairies”.


Key Highlights:


  • Private Players have a strong foothold in 8 of the top 12 milk-producing states in India
  • Top 12 states account for 88% of India’s milk production as of 2019-20
  • Two third of the total milk is handled by private dairies in Tamil Nadu


Milk Procurement Scenario 2020-21 (LKPD – Lakh KG PER DAY)


Private Dairies



123-127 LKPD

36-38 LKPD

Uttar Pradesh

121-125 LKPD

5-7 LKPD

Tamil Nadu

75-79 LKPD

36-38 LKPD

Andhra Pradesh

35-37 LKPD

14-16 LKPD


30-32 LKPD

17-19 LKPD

Madhya Pradesh

30-32 LKPD

9-11 LKPD


27-29 LKPD

4-6 LKPD


12-14 LKPD

5-7 LKPD


27-29 LKPD

28-30 LKPD


12-14 LKPD

80-84 LKPD


12-14 LKPD

225-227 LKPD


7-9 LKPD

18-20 LKPD

Other States

33-35 LKPD

47-49 LKPD

All India

557-562 LKPD

535-540 LKPD


Annexure: CRISIL Research Report on Milk Procurement by Private Dairies in India

Hatsun Agro Product Ltd. (HAP) Is a leading private sector dairy player in India. HAP procures milk from select fine quality cattle collected directly from around 4,00,000 farmers, chosen with care. HAP follows quality standards certified by the prestigious ISO 22000. HAP’s portfolio includes:  Arun Icecreams – South India’s leading ice cream brand, Arokya Milk – the country’s largest private sector milk brand, Hatsun Dairy Products – a rapidly growing, wide portfolio brand of dairy products, Ibaco – Premium chain of ice cream outlets enabling consumers create their own ice cream sundaes, Oyalo – New brand offering from Hatsun that dishes out delicious pizzas & Santosa – a fast growing cattle feed brand. HAP’s products are exported to 38 countries around the world.

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