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Unleash The Hunter In You With The Flix First Premiere Of Paul WS Anderson’s Monster Hunter For The First Time On Indian Television On &flix


 What if one fine day you realise that reality isn’t just shaped by what you see and believe but rather there’s an entire hidden domain, a world of apex predators that’s beyond your wildest imagination? You can run from them, hide from them, even kill them as you enter a whole new world and find your calling as a “Monster Hunter.” This Sunday, July 18th, 2021, make space for a large gathering of friends and family and catch the Flix First Premiere of the biggest creature-feature of 2020, Monster Hunter. For the first time on Indian Television and in the language of your choice ie. English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu, catch this mega blockbuster at 12PM and 9PM on &flix, 2PM on Zee Café and at 4PM on &PrivéHD. Directed by the acclaimed fantasy and fiction hero writer Paul WS Anderson, credited for headlining the epic saga of the Resident Evil franchise, Monster Hunter is simply an epic watch with the perfect blend of mystics, mystery and Hollywood’s atomic action star Milla Jovovich.

I hope you’re looking forward to the BIG Hunt. A monstrous surprise awaits 10 lucky winners and one of them could just be you! It’s a simple ask that requires you to give a call on 8657 8657 55, answer a simple question and stand a chance to win monster prizes. Ranging from sleek laptops, to fancy speakers and a attractive Tablet , that’s just the just icing on the cake. All this and more could be yours with a simple click of a button.  The contest runs till 25th July, so time to whip out your phones and get busy.

Adapted from Capcom’s best-selling game of the same name, the movie opens in a vast desert in country with a group of U.S. Army Rangers on patrol, led by Captain Natalie Artemis (Milla Jovovich). A thunderstorm rising on the horizon, thrusts Natalie and her team into an alternate universe with giant, terrifying creatures from your worst nightmare. For fans looking forward to scenes of gruesome and grotesque depictions of aboriginal creatures from the past, the movie brings to life all those hidden elements and more. Spiralling into a desolate act of survival, Natalie must pit her strength, skills and abilities with her newfound friends to find a way back to her world before it’s too late.

Two of the internet’s biggest sensation in the space of gaming and entertainment, José Covaco and Zerxes Wadia AKA AfroBawa join hands for the very first time to bring to you an online live stream gaming experience of Capcom’s best-selling game Monster Hunter. Unlike anything you’ve seen before, root for your valiant hero and witness a bout of champions this Wednesday, 14th July with a 1Vs1 Co-op gaming challenge to be the ultimate winner.


You can dread it, hide, even run from it but there’s no escaping the terror that follows. Watch 2020’s biggest Action Blockbuster of the year with the Flix First Premiere of Monster Hunter this Sunday, 18th July at 12PM and 9PM on &flix

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