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Questions Nobody Answers - Podcast on Sex and Relationships

 The QNA Podcast is thrilled to bring to you the second episode, in a season of intriguing episodes, revolving around all things SEX and all things RELATIONSHIPS

This episode seeks to find answers to the common, relatable problems youngsters nowadays face in relationships and sex. Youngsters are highly experimental, even with relationships. Sometimes they hit a bump in the road and naturally, they need a little guidance.

For this very reason, the flirty hosts, Shreyas Sahay and Prisha Barar, use their witty humor, cheesy lines and sassy quips to take you through a fun and insightful journey, covering some "rarely spoken of" but riveting questions like:

“Why do people indulge in unprotected sex despite knowing the consequences?”

“How do you bring up the topic of taking your relationship to the next level, with your partner, without making it awkward?”

“Monogamy vs Open Relationships, is one more preferable than the other?”

“Is introducing youngsters to sex education at an early age, beneficial?”

And so much more!

The guests invited for this episode are Dr. Rajan Bhonsle- the Founder Director of Heart To Heart Counselling Centre, Senior Consultant in Sexual Medicine & Relationship Counsellor, and Ms. Anju Kish - a Certified Sexuality Counselor,  author of the book, "How I got my belly button", founder of Untaboo and also a TED X speaker. They use their abundance of experience and expertise to address these pressing questions and present you with the unbiased, unfiltered truth.

This podcast lays emphasis on sexual well-being, sex education and healthy relationship related decisions- a few aspects we are often in-the-dark about.

When it comes to Sex and Relationships - there can be no more hush hush. It's time to let the truth come to light!

Here’s the link to the latest episode.


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