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Vox Populi Goes Viral— And A Star Is Born

§  Bunnyvox has around 88 Instagram fan pages to her name
§  Over 322k people follow her on her widely popular Instagram profile
§  She has got more than 2.1million fans on her @varshinnebunnyvox Tik-Tok account
§  The poster for her movie, Vidyarthi, has been released by hero Nikhil Gopichandand directors Kona Venkat &Bobby
§  A teaser of the film is going to be releasedon Friday by VV Vinayak, Sai Korrapati, Surrender Reddy, KL DamodarPrasad, Harishankar, Dolly & Siva Nirvana

This young, beautiful and plucky newcomer — popularly known as Bunnyvox on social media — is all set to make her debut in the Madhu Madasu’s Telugu film, Vidyarthi, opposite co-star Chethan Cheenu in Tollywood.
Bunnyvox is a social media star-turned-actress who has gained immense popularity through lip-syncing and singing on Tik-Tok. She has featured in ads by several commercial brands to promote their products on her Tik-Tok and Instagram pages. She has got more than 2.1 million fans on her @varshinnebunnyvox Tik-Tok account and has over 322k followers on her widely popular Instagram profile.

A versatile artiste
Apart from being an actress, she is also a passionate singer, a pianist and an animal lover. Born on June 16, 2002, she completed her +2 and currently, she is doing her graduation. Varshinne is originally from Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, but now lives in Hyderabad, Telangana.

Small-town girl in love
The story of her debut movie, Vidyarthi, revolves round a face-off between two families over caste and a love match, where a small-town girl (Bunny Vox), who is polite, but brave, falls in love with a classmate (co-star), which leads to trouble in her family. The heroine's  father later plans to take revenge. The film highlights the social discrimination prevalent in the backdrop of a village society.

Work is the only factor
Varshinne believes a person’s work decides whether one will achieve success or not. It is very important that one initiate something in a correct and proper manner. She also thinks that being polite, open and humble with every individual actually helps in reaching one’s goal.

‘Thankful for the big break’
‘I think this is a very exciting time to be here and I’m very thankful for the opportunity that I’m getting; I have a lot more to do in cinema. I’m amazed to see youngsters these days building their fan following even before featuring in films.’
   Bunnyvox, debutante actress

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