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Unlock 4.0: SenseGiz Technologies launches Social Distancing Enforcement & Contact Tracing Solution

A solution that enables safe business reopening &  
protects employees at workplace from COVID 19 

SenseGiz Technologies, a technology innovator that creates enterprise and industrial IoT solutions, launched a solution that ensures secure social distancing and historic contact tracing to support organizations returning to work safely amid the Unlock 4.0. With minimal added infrastructure, SenseGiz Technologies can enable rapid deployment and automate safety protocol compliance analysis in real-time. 
“People are the most important assets of any organization. We realized that SenseGiz's contact tracing solution can be easily adapted to create a better, more secure way for organizations to allow their employees to feel more confident about going back to work," explained SenseGiz Founder & CEO Abhishek Latthe. "We are excited to present a no-fuss, comprehensive solution to help accelerate employer’s ability to automate monitoring of new safety norms while empowering employees, as part of the new normal in business operations." 

SenseGiz’s solution provides enterprise customers with the technology that can keep the workplace safe and employees secure from getting infected by COVID 19. The solution itself is easy to implement, all one needs is a FIND Tag in the form of pendant or wristband that provides a unique ID.  Data retrieved from FINDs is passed from one COIN to another using Bluetooth Low energy. Either Gateway or App can be used by customer to send the social distancing data to the cloud. Monitoring of social distancing violations & historic contact tracing is done over the cloud platform. The software crunches the numbers, displays information, and lets user control the device parameters. 

Adding on, Abhishek Latthe, Founder and CEO, SenseGiz Technologies, said, “The pandemic situation has catalyzed innovation and application of technology has come to the fore in these times of crisis. We set out to create a solution that is accessible, convenient, and accurate. We are proud to launch an IoT based solution for social distancing and historic contact tracing to enable organizations to keep their employees safe and healthy. Our product is an example of effective R&D and with the help of low-cost proprietary mesh network models, we have built this innovative solution.” 
SenseGiz uses five main design pillars – Data Privacy, Usability, Ease of Deployment, ROI, and Reusability. Data remains private to the client company and is never sent to third-party servers, as is the standard with many mobile phone application-based solutions. Apart from social distancing and historic contact tracing, SenseGiz solutions can be used for conventional method of monitoring the temperature, humidity, motion and vibration. These parameters can help in various use cases such as asset tracking, condition monitoring, perimeter security and predictive maintenance.  

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