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Esperer Onco Nutrition (EON) Announces No More Malnutrition, a Socially Responsible Mission

The occurrence of malnutrition in cancer patients varies from 30% to 80%. Malnutrition and Cachexia -associated weight loss in cancer patients is understood to be initiated by the grouping of inflammation, under nutrition and cancer-brought catabolism. Mission No More Malnutrition is a noble mission to combat and arrest the crucial issue of malnutrition plaguing the cancer care process in India. EON is a bioresearch organization in Mumbai making significant contributions in the nutritional therapy space for cancer patients since 2018.


Esperer Nutrition undertakes intensive well-rounded cancer research and believes that the disease itself is somatic but the suffering and often death resulting from it is due to psychological reasons more than from the biological disease. Esperer Nutrition intends to re-inculcate faith in life and hope for life in patients. It is a mission that was envisioned when Esperer Nutrition identified the Indian market flooded with international nutritional formulas that weren’t best suited for Indian cancer patients; they were inaccessible and very expensive.  In its journey to discover its mission as cancer research organization, Esperer recognized this‘A3 Hurdle’ of accessibility, affordability and acceptability which is arising with an increasing number of international formulas in the Indian market.


EON aims to address the problem of malnutrition by cracking the aforementioned dilemmas of accessibility, affordability and acceptability with a passion driven project. To accomplish this goal; narrowing the focus and getting more specific Esperer Nutrition is building an Indian gut specific nutritional product to combat Malnutrition. Esperer Nutrition deems it necessary for targeted nutrition to hold hands with nutritional therapy.


Keeping ‘A3 Hurdle’ in mind Esperer Nutrition now has a mission, Mission No More Malnutrition. . No more Malnutrition is a moral initiative taken up by Esperer Nutrition to reach out a lending hand to financially challenged patients and help them by co-paying for Esperer’s research based condition specific nutrition products and supplements. This would cut the cord of the vicious circle of Malnutrition and help patients recover without bearing the financial brunt. The co-payment program undertaken by Esperer Nutrition would envisage Esperer Nutrition paying for the majority amount with a minimal contribution from the patient. In cases calling in for complete financial assistance Esperer will bear the complete cost to deliver the best and desired nutrition to the patient. Esperer’s Co-Pay program can be accessed from their website by a simple form or can also be availed by calling in the customer care services with the entire start-to-end budget decision process not taking more than 48 hours with the help of an expert committee set up for the cause by Esperer Nutrition.


With NM, EON aims to make targeted nutrition easy to access and afford by the patient through as many convenient channels as possible. This mission will also ensure that the patient grasps beneficial and obtainable nutrition to deal with Malnutrition. Importantly, EON wants the patient to enjoy the product and in effect increase the resulting compliance and reduce patients succumbing to death due to malnutrition.


“Cancer care as a disease management program should keep widening its horizons from as many sighted and available areas as possible due to its large-scale effects on the patient more psychologically than somatically. We at EON grab every opportunity we can to make this deadly disease more manageable for our patients. NM is one such mission for us where we aim to save 30% of patients who could be possibly saved with efficient delivery of targeted nutrition by assisting them in bearing the financial burden”, says, Raktim Chattopadhyay, Founder & CEO at Esperer Onco Nutrition (EON).

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