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LinkAstro- A Marketplace for Astrologers launched to offer safe and affordable online astro-services

The question, ‘when will Covid19 end?’ has been bothering us all and an astro-prediction online might help bring in a ray of hope to those believing in astrology. Realizing the need for an online solution to the growing panic amongst people during the pandemic, Gaurikrupa Software Solutions launches Link Astro- an app aggregating qualified and verified astrologers to provide astrology solutions at affordable prices to consumers, this Independence Day. The app will be a link between people and astrologers across the country online, offering daily predictions, horoscope, match making, panchang and a plethora of free astrology services. Bringing verified and quality profiles of astrologers on the platform, the company aims to standardize the fragmented astrology market.

LinkAstro is a free to download app, currently available to android users, offering services like Chat, Call and Reports. A user could pick an astrologer, based on their profile and opt for one of these services. For the chat and call options, consulatation price is starting from Rs. 10/- per minute, paying only for the time you have spoken or chatted with astrologers. For the report, the app charges standard amounts starting from Rs. 150, which would vary for categories. The payment model being prepaid, one can use the app for various purposes and redeem the amount as and when they avail the service. Free services such as Matchmaking, Daily Panchang, Kundli, and yearly horoscope will be rendered on the app.

Estimated to be over $40 billion, as per media reports, the Indian spiritual and religious market is promising. Out of this, the horoscopes market in India alone is $10 billion, with about 2 million astrologers practicing astrology (source: Every year, more than 100,000 new astrologers enter the market. Identifying the underlying potential, the company envisages to provide a vast range of services including predictions, selling semi-precious stones, Numerology, Palmistry, Gemology, Vaastu Shastra, Tarot Reading, etc, getting them all under one roof for connoisseurs. Due to Covid19, there has been a huge spike in demand for these services, as people are trying various ways to deal with the mental stress brought in by the challenging situation.
“People cope up with the challenges in different ways, and one such way is through astrology. In this pandemic, there has been an increased need of Astrologers and practitioners of similar modalities for people to seek solutions to their anxieties related to health, wealth, family and life. We identified the challenges faced by astrologers to market themselves and reach out to people, as well as those of astrology seekers to physically visit an astrologer due to the spread of the virus”, says Disha Mehta, Co-Founder, LinkAstro.
We are committed to excellent and transparent service, while striving to achieve better and brighter future for everyone involved. Through this launch we aspire to create an organized space for traditional services like astrology, bringing about a sea change in the way it operates, using technology”, added Disha Mehta, Co-founder, LinkAstro. The entrepreneur couple wishes to build a culture of ‘Doing Things the Technology Way’ in the country, through this venture.
With this idea, the bootstrapped company has commenced providing first consultation free for users to experience the features and benefits of the app. The company plans to make the app available for iOS users, along with a portal for web usage in the near future. With a high percentage of mobile penetration across the country and globally, the company aspires to make this service available to the remotest Indian villages as well as NRI connoisseurs, so as to nurture and safeguard the livelihoods of thousands of astrologers at all challenging times.

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