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Understanding Mental Health

Today psychological wellness is as significant as physical wellbeing. Breaking the stigma around mental illness is the need of the hour as it is Okay to be not Okay

Celebrities are the one in particular that endures in light of the fact that their life is featured. Psychological instability and mental health deserves a greater concern than what amount is depicted. With this idealistic thought, Woodpecker Media curated a magnificent live panel discussion – Be Kind To Your Mind on their FB page on 5th  June 2020 with the need to spread mindfulness about emotional wellness and the need to standardize  it as any other disease where Paayal Kapoor Nair, Dr. Heena Merchant, Shweta Kawaatra and Shonali Sabherwal were the panelist whereas Rushad Rana was the moderator.
It is believed that mental illness adds backlog of emptiness and no direction. Adding to this actor, Shweta Kawaatra, being a depression survivor discussed her postpartum depression and how she chose to come out and talk about it to someone whom she trusts. Most ideal route as per her is to occupy oneself with stuff you like doing and search for the correct proficient direction.

Payaal Nair, Executive committee member of Cintaa, accepted that emotional stress caused by any pandemic is a greater danger than some other issue. She said that entire globe is experiencing this pandemic and the sentiment of instability of occupation is a fundamental explanation of numerous actors is ending their life. During such circumstances emotional backing is more important
Stress associated with pandemic is hurting everyone on this context, Dr. Heena Merchant,

Consultant Psychiatrist, shared some clinical insights about loneliness, depression and anxiety where she featured that it is imperative to recognize the feeling and not feel embarrassed about it. In addition, it is fundamental to perceive the force of stressors and distinguishing when to look for help.

Shonali Sabherwal, Macrobiotic Nutritionist/Chef/Instructor, discussed about stress and nutrition where she accentuated Coffee, Alcohol and Sugar are not effective approaches to combat stress. What's important is to consume right sugar coming from right foods.

It was presumed that healthy mind plays an important role in the success of one’s career and inner engineering is a path to healthy mind and healthy life. Panel discussion ended on the happy note that it’s salient to reinvent and rejuvenate oneself in order to have peaceful life. Furthermore, Woodpecker Media has been vocal about numerous significant issues and unites an extraordinary blend of specialists for their events that can increase the value of the subject matter.

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