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Ecosac launches eco-friendly garbage bags 'Kachra Sack'

Kachra Sack to be delivered safely to homes and retail stores to avoid the spread of Covid19

Ecosac Utility bags launches Kachra Sack, a range of compostable and Oxo-Biodegradable Garbage Bags, an eco-friendly solution to eradicate the use of harmful plastic bags and solve waste management challenges, faced by the country. Owing to World Environment day, the increased awareness for environment protection and also the current pandemic situation, the company foresees a huge demand for these garbage bags, which will be delivered safely to homes and societies in Mumbai and retail outlets across India. The successful acceptance of the Ecosac bag- an alternative to plastic shopping bags, led the company to realise the crying need for garbage bags for households, which would replace the conventional plastic bags. Ecosac is India’s leading brand of eco-friendly shopping bags and other utility bags that are foldable, reusable, strong, durable and fashionable and are used for shopping, travel & day to day utilities.
Kachra sack is a certified Compostable and Oxo degradable bag, available in 5 variants. The Compostable bags are certified by the Central Pollution control board. The oxo-biodegradable bags are tested by the Quality Assurance Unit of APT Testing and Research Pvt. Ltd. as per ASTM D 5208-91 standard. Kachra Sack is ideal for segregation of both, wet and dry waste.
Kachra Sack is available across 50 Cities in India and growing rapidly. It is available in green and blue colour. The bag is convenient and hygienic; is available in a roll form and it is easy to tear. Each bag comes with the tie string. These Star-sealed super strong bags provide extra strength and prevent leakage. It is available in every size i.e. (small, medium, large, extra-large & combo).
“It pained me deeply every time I saw plastic garbage bags being used recklessly. Each plastic bag would stay in the environment for thousands of years, harming the ecological equilibrium. Ecosac, as a brand has been dedicated to developing eco-friendly products, leading to saving the environment in the longer run. Kachra Sack is the most practical solution to the use of garbage bags”, says Anil Chowta, Founder and CEO, Ecosac.
“The plastic garbage bags available on the streets are not only hazardous, but also may be unsafe and could pose a threat of the spread of Covid19. We endeavour to deliver Kachra Sack to the doorstep of homes, societies and retail outlets, following all the necessary precautionary measures, to ensure the safety of our consumers and associates”, added Anil.

The usage of ECOSAC’s Kachra Sack will not only ease out your solid waste, but also help you to save the environment at large, from the wrath of plastic use. Kachra Sack plays an important role in hotels, offices, hospitals, residence, schools and various industries.

The bag will be available in all major retail stores across the country. So grab your pack today! To save the environment use Kachra Sack!



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