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Music weaves people together in times of crisis


These days, everyone is doing their bit to ease out the discomfort and anxiety caused by these difficult times. Social distancing is important but does not stop people from coming together for the same cause.

Today the world is jointly fighting against the deadly spread of the infectious coronavirus as thousands of people across the country are already affected by it.

Founder of the online community Maa2Mom, Jyoti Agarawal, thought of doing something to evoke feelings of compassion and unity amongst fellow citizens and lift up the spirits.

She raised this question to their country men, ”Kya Mangta Hai Bharat” by compiling a beautiful message with a few artists who are feeling HOPEFUL and PATRIOTIC.

They're asking all of us to ponder upon what our country needs from us at this time of Pandemic!!

 The song speaks of the love for the motherland and sheds light on the fact that with the crisis comes the sense of responsibility.
This song also manifests to let our country awake where the mind is without fear, when we are not broken up into fragments by narrow religious and communal walls. We stand united against this unseen enemy to fight back.

It is an inspiration to each one of us to rise above nationalism, to a particular religious belief, dharma or affiliation caste, creed or language and each of a should contribute to a sense of national unity and create a common bond among citizens of the nation.

It reflects trust, faith, unity, endurance, toleration, fearlessness, diligence, Amity, communion, cooperation and synergy which is the need of the hour

Singers in the video are following;

Sonita Beura

Hema Rao

Dimple Jadoo

Pratibha singhal

Uma Kapadia

Sanjiv wagh

Rahul Bhatt

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