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Entrepreneur devices new business opportunities amid Lockdown

Imagine you have placed an order for Garbage disposal bags and the delivery person comes in a BMW to hand it over to you at your doorstep! Adversity, as rightly said, is an opportunity in disguise. Whether you choose to panic over the adversity or grab the opportunity and make the most of it, defines the mettle in an entrepreneur.
Anil Chowta, Founder and CEO of Ecosac Utility Bags is amazing consumers and retailers who are placing an order with the company for their recently launched eco-friendly Garbage Bags, called Kachra Sack. He has been personally driving down to all parts of the city to deliver the bags safely, with the intent of safeguarding his delivery staff and the consumers from the spread of Covid19, while he also leaves no stone unturned to capitalise on the rising  demand of these bags. This businessman is setting an example for fellow entrepreneurs, who are bogged down due to the business downturn in the current scenario.

Anil too, was traumatised, just like many other Small & Medium Business owners, within the first week of the lockdown, as he could foresee a huge blow to his business, in which he has invested his blood and sweat. Like in nature, adaptation leads to the survival of the fittest, in business the ones that survive are the ones who can adapt to changing situations. This Corona Warrior has taken a plunge and has successfully been establishing a network of new distributors, including housewives selling through social media and secretaries of housing societies, along with local kirana store owners.
Starting with a sales pitch to the grocer while buying essentials for home, Anil has established a sales pipeline through his sales force, making calls to supermarkets and kirana stores. The company has currently tracked sales of over 50,000 packs only in Mumbai, for one of the most under-rated essential products- garbage bags. Since these bags are compostable and oxo-biodegradable in nature, a huge spike in its acceptance and demand is anticipated post the lockdown.

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