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&TV to pay a special tribute through its ‘Ek Desh Ek Awaaz’ initiative on Ambedkar Jayanti

14th April is observed as one of the landmark days as the nation celebrates the birth of one of most exceptional leaders in Indian history, who rallied a revolution and became a voice to reckon with – Dr B.R. Ambedkar. This year, to create a landmark moment for Dr Ambedkar’s followers and to celebrate his 129th birth anniversary, amid the lockdown, &TV launches the ‘Ek Desh Ek Awaaz’ initiative, to pay a special tribute to Babasaheb from your very own home. As a part of this initiative, the channel urges everyone to come together for Bheem Vandana and pay special homage to Babasaheb on April 14th at 8:00 pm only on &TV.
Considered as the architect of the Indian constitution, Dr B.R. Ambedkar was a leader par excellence and whose legacy is unparalleled. He believed that the only way India could foster national unity and stability was through instating a unified code of One Nation One Constitution.  
As the nation celebrates Ambedkar Jayanti today, let us look at four landmark moments in his life that made him the most exceptional leader of our times.
  1. Dr B.R. Ambedkar becomes Chairman of the Drafting Committee of the Indian Constitution: Dr B.R. Ambedkar is considered as the Father of the Indian Constitution. His reputation as a scholar-led him to become India’s first law minister and subsequently, the Chairman of the committee for drafting the Constitution on 29th August 1947.
  2. Dr B.R. Ambedkar makes Sanskrit the National Language of India: At the time of the making of the Indian Constitution, keeping in mind the historical value which the Sanskrit language holds, Dr B.R. Ambedkar convinced the board to make Sanskrit as India’s national language.
  3. Dr B.R Ambedkar, the first man to lead the Women Rights Movement: Babasaheb was one of the most prominent voice for women empowerment. Through the Hindu Marriage Act, Hindu Succession, Guardianship Act, and the Hindu Code Bill, he gave a voice to the women community in fighting for their rights and encouraged them to stand shoulder to shoulder with the men.
  4. Dr B.R Ambedkar bestowed with Bharat Ratna award: On 14th April 1990, Dr B.R Ambedkar was presented with India’s highest civilian honour, the Bharat Ratna Award, posthumously for his contribution towards the nation.
So, let us unite to pay a special tribute to Dr B.R. Ambedkar through ‘Ek Desh Ek Awaaz’ initiative at 8:00 pm to celebrate Ambedkar Jayanti only on &TV

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