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  • Reaching to the most vulnerable and invisible communities

SEEDS in partnership with Government of India and state governments of Bihar, Delhi, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Odisha and Uttarakhand in India is reaching out to the most economically vulnerable people. The humanitarian organisation specialising in building resilience among communities is actively working in close coordination with the administration at various levels in each region to respond to the physical health, mental health and economic impacts of the pandemic.

The global outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has affected more than 195 countries. India with confirmed 562 cases and 9 deaths as of yesterday according to the data reported by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is facing spike in the situation too. Daily wage earners with marginal savings have temporarily lost their jobs and are unable to access food and essential items to sustain themselves. Evidence shows that adults aged 60 years and older or those with chronic medical conditions seem to be at highest risk of complications and fatality rates. The elderly in old-age homes or living by themselves without adequate support systems face acute challenges.
SEEDS is committed in reaching out and supporting these invisible individuals – the elderly, children, and frontline health workers of the communities who are disproportionately impacted by coronavirus and the economic consequences of the outbreak in their time of need. The response appeal has been launched towards rapid de-escalation of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 with focus on:
  • Financial and essential services support to the daily wage earners
  • Support to district administration for complementing and supplementing public health systems
  • Supply of hygiene kits and food rations to marginalised families, old age homes and orphanages
  • Support to Government for establishment of temporary quarantine facilities, where needed 

Join hands with SEEDS as your contribution can help save lives and help contain the spread on this critical and potentially fatal disease. Donate now and spread the word at
Together, this pandemic can be fought by making sure the most vulnerable among us are protected.

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