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Perfect Relations introduces 24x7 War Room for clients Amid COVID 19 crisis

As Corporate India grapples real-time with the fallout of COVID; managing exigencies of business continuity, the challenges are many. But misinformation and fear are ever present risks that make the task more complicated.

CEOs are faced with unprecedented interruptions that have no parallel in history. There is no way to forecast the timeline of this crisis or predict when it may taper off.

Perfect Relations, the smartest go-to Comms & Image agency of 26 years, has nimbly turned around its inhouse top level strategic team into a 24x7 War Room. Partners & Specialists from its top management team are hands on in this crisis unit. About 2-3 senior management level meetings happen in this virtual war room which also stays connected with the media and other outreach communities.

Dilip Cherian, Image Guru & Founder - Managing Partner at Perfect Relations said, “Our objective is to allow Corporates access to a Single Source Solutions Provider with fresh approaches and rapid turnaround. We believe this is vital for clients to successfully navigate through the disruptions which now define the New Normal.”

Perfect Relations is working on a war footing to offer solutions that matter the most to clients right now and will persist until the curve flattens & the citizens, economy & markets recover.

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