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Lockdown Lessons from Maestro R D Burman

Pancham Sunshine Project / Brahmanand Siingh teams up Vineet Panchhi (Mobius Films & Word of Mouth) and Gaurav Sharma to bring some Sunshine into people’s lives with Lessons for Lockdown from RD Burman’s lives:

There are some people who immediately spread joy, happiness and positivity the moment they enter the room !! They are the sunshine personalities ... 

Pancham was one such person who spread Sunshine through his creations and his personality just by being who he was !! And, through his timeless creations, Pancham Da has left us with enough for not just the lockdown period but for a lifetime of Sunshine!  

Says Brahmanand Siingh, creator of the magical, award-winning and wonderfully received film on RD Burman, Pancham Unmixed: 
“Himself a sunshine personality, dear friend Vineet Panchhi, a poet, filmmaker and diehard RD fan, when he suggested let’s create something out of Pancham Unmixed the film and the 5-hr long Knowing Pancham, smaller extracts, with lessons from RD himself, who must have experienced his own lockdown periods, I liked the feel of it right away. And we thought, let it be a series during this lockdown period that can bring much joy in many people’s lives. Though entire two hour film is available on iTunes and YouTube, the fun and excitement of interpreting RD’s approach gave it a different twist!!”

With the help of another wonderful set of RD fan friends, Gaurav Sharma (Director of the series) and Tanvi Jain (Co-conceptualiser), Vineet Panchhi’s wonderful team has created this very interesting take on “Lessons for the Lockdown”!! 

While in lockdown, you can now feast on RD with a special viewpoint!! It’s a feast for all RD lovers! 

The Quintessential Sunshine Man - R.D. Burman

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