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Connecting During Distancing - Heartfulness Institute unveils initiatives to help citizens to deal with stress due to lock down

  • Global LIFECAST by Daaji on Managing the Situation on 2nd April 2020 at 5:30 pm
  • Launches ‘Voice That Cares’ to Address Issues Related to Stress during the time

 As the pandemic coronavirus spread across the world, Governments, Corporations and Individuals are all trying hard to grapple with the situation and having no parallel before are baffled by how to deal with the same. Uncertainty, Panic, Fear, Isolation are few of the constant feelings and emotions that one is being overwhelmed with not having enough insight to deal with the situation.

While the governments and medical community are working around the clock with those infected, doing their best to help them recover, prayers and wishes from are with them. For the rest, there may be a feeling of living in unnavigable times, that have been forced upon them due to isolation measures.

Heartfulness Institute has set up a Helpline to help talk the affected though the times and there will be global LIFECAST by Daaji, the guide of Heartfulness who will enunciate his thoughts on the situation and how to deal with it.The global LIFECAST By Daaji is scheduled on 2nd April 2020 at 5:30 pm IST. Significantly, Daaji will follow up his talk with a meditation session through the transmission process that makes Heartfulness Meditation unique and effective. Pranahuti ( life force ), centric to Heartfulness Meditation practice will be transmitted by Daaji as part of the meditation and those who wish to take part in the session should simply keep their eyes closed, sit in a comfortable posture silently without any external disturbance, focus on their heart and bring their attention to the divinity that exists in their heart. 

Commenting on the initiatives Daaji said, “There is clear need for all of us to understand the situation as it stands today, demystify it and see it as it should be seen. There is too much information and too many changes in a very short time. How does one see it in a larger context of one’s life and what steps are needed to strengthen one’s ability to handle their feelings and emotions and thereby creating a contagion of positive emotions to deal with the situation together – The Theme of the LIFECAST”.

The 24*7 Helpline ‘Voice That Cares’ launched today by Heartfulness Institute can be accessed by anyone by dialing the toll-free number 1 800 121 DHYANA (3492). Several hundred Heartfulness Trainers all specifically trained by Daaji for this purpose will be available round the clock to respond to the calls and help alleviate the emotional or mental distress the caller may be facing due to the uncertainty. Empathy is known to be one of the strongest healers and the trainers are well versed to navigate the callers through the distress they may be facing due to the ongoing lock down in the country.

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