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ART-SALE FUNDRAISER TO SUPPORT COVID-19 RELIEF EFFORTS AMONG RURAL WASTE-PICKERS, in collaboration with the Plastics for Change India Foundation, is hosting a sale of 100 curated artworks by prominent artists across India as part of a COVID-19 relief drive for the rural waste-picker community. The fundraising sale will go live - exclusively on - from April 26th till May 3rd. All proceeds from the fundraiser will be used to support the Plastic for Change Foundation’s relief efforts among these community.

The global pandemic has had a devastating effect on migrant workers in India. Many are going hungry and have lost livelihoods due to the national lockdown. Plastics For Change India Foundation has committed to supporting extremely vulnerable waste-pickers and their families in India, for the next two months. The upcoming sale is part of a short-term disaster relief project, with the funds raised going directly towards sustaining a minimum of 2000 vulnerable families (10,000 individuals) in this community by providing them with essential food and supplies kits. The foundation has already provided 3000 individuals with such kits and hopes that the art-sale will result in more resources to support the community. 

The art pieces available in the sale have been carefully curated and put together by The sale will include the work of renowned artists like Thota Vaikuntam, Subrata Das, Seema Kohli and Vivek Kumavat among others.

 “With most being daily-wage workers, the livelihoods of the waste-picker community have come to a complete standstill under the current lockdown and as a result their families are going hungry.  At the foundation we’ve witnessed the extreme need that they are in. We’re excited to partner and we hope that this fundraiser that helps people donate innovatively can maximise our relief efforts in the community.
Shifrah Jacobs, Trustee, Plastics for Change India Foundation

In a global crisis like this, it’s essential for all of us to come together and support all of those that are in need. We, at, want to impact multiple levels of society and are working hard to ensure that this sale helps uplift the lives of thousands in the waste-picker community of India as well as support artisans that have been impacted by the pandemic.
Vishal Singhal, Founder, 

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