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Zandu Foundation for Health Care (ZFHC) starts the 1st Biotech-KISAN Hub of Gujarat at Ambach

Initially, 5 therapeutically important and commercially viable species like Kaunch (Mucuna pruriens), Ashwagandha (Winthania somnifera), shrub (Senna alexandrina), Madhunashni (Gymnema sylvestre) and script (Bacopa monnieri) are known for cultivation by victimisation agro-technology developed by the institutes World Health Organization square measure concerned during this project.

In associate inaugural program recently command at Ambach, attended by quite three hundred farmers, planting material of Kaunch, Ashwagandha, Senna, Madhunashni and script were bimanual over to pick out farmers by Dr. Mohd. Aslam, Sr. Advisor, Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, the Chief Guest of the occasion. In his inaugural, Dr Aslam appreciated long run association of DBT with ZFHC and reminded of award winning success story of improved kind of Kaunch. He expressed his satisfaction at the work done by ZFHC and alternative partners and hoped that financial gain of farmers would increase as positive outcome of the project besides smart quality of stuff offerthe standard planting material, that is experiencing a growing quality worldwide, goes to be provided to those farmers by ZFHC to make sure the availability of API (Ayurvedic aggregation of India) compliant stuff. ZFHC will mediate to facilitate the buy-back of the stuff cultivated by the farmers. A inexperienced House facility, created by ZFHC to support this venture was additionally inaugurated. A publication capturing the many contribution of ZFHC within the space of cultivation of medicative plants for the last thirty years was additionally discharged on the occasion.

Speaking on the fresh opened Biotech – KISAN Hub by ZFHC, Dr. C. K. Katiyar, CEO, Technical (R&D), aid Division, Emami restricted aforesaid, “We square measure terribly proud to check ZFHC with success leading the project of the terribly initial Biotech- KISAN Hub in Gujarat at Ambach, generating an amazing response from the native farming community. it had been encouraging to additionally see farmers from alternative zones World Health Organization square measure already concerned in cultivation of medicative Plants through support of ZFHC taking part at our inaugural programme to share their experiences and encourage native farmers. Not solely medicative plants, this project additionally has additional scope to expand and embrace Aromatic plants. The Biotech- KISAN Hub of ZFHC in Gujarat offers superior quality infrastructure that may assure high standards of cultivation, assortment and post-harvesting practices. All partners of this Biotech – KISAN Hub - ZFHC, Ambach, ICAR-DMAPR, Anand and KVK, Ambheti square measure committed to create this project a hit so additional farmers will return underneath its compass and switch this initiative into a public movement.”

Ayurvedic medication market is calculable to be around Rs. 15000 large integer and quite ninetieth of the Ayurvedic medicines square measure made up of medicative and aromatic plants out of that around seventy eight of the material is from non-renewable resources like root, bark stem and whole herb. This ends up in destruction of natural resources. Biotech-KISAN hub may be a important movement initiated by Department of Bio-Technology underneath the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of Republic of India to market cultivation of quality medicative plants in every agro-climatic zone through property use of bio-resources to shield the natural flora and fauna of a cultivation zone. The project additionally ensures the native farmers to urge the good thing about extra financial gain over and higher than their current earnings through property cultivation measures like victimisation of quality planting material and farming techniques like alternate and intercropping systems.

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