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Star Rays set to become India’s first carbon-neutral diamond company

Star Rays, a number one Indian diamond manufacturer and exporter, has underlined its commitment to sustainable business practices by working towards becoming India’s first carbon-neutral diamond company. Star Rays is participating within the World Jewellery Confederation’s (CIBJO) greenhouse emission (GHG) Measuring and Offsetting Initiative to make sure that its carbon emissions and removals are measured in accordance with international standards.

“Global warming and global climate change have come to the fore as a key issue in sustainable development. Every act within the world releases CO2 . We are committed to reducing carbon emissions at every step in our business and private life. As a responsible company, our motto at Star Rays is to form the planet a far better place to measure in. we've therefore decided to collaborate with Carbon Expert, a carbon consultancy firm who have developed processes and best practices to assist companies become carbon neutral by complying with GHG Protocol Corporate Standard” says Jitesh Shah- Partner Star Rays.

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