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Poul Due Jensen Foundation to donate 200m DKK, help fight COVID-19

In celebration of Grundfos' 75th anniversary, the Poul Due Jensen Foundation (Grundfos Foundation) has expanded its allow donations from planned 125m DKK to 200m DKK. the most donation areas remain water, research, and inclusion, but the inspiration will move its attention to the fight against COVID-19 this year.

The Poul Due Jensen Foundation has received the annual report from the Grundfos Group and greatly appreciates the historic levels of growth and profitability. The result increases dividend paid bent the inspiration whose primary purpose is to have and develop Grundfos. the inspiration also contributes to society through philanthropic donations within three strategic areas: Research and learning, Water and development, and Inclusion. the inspiration committed 117m DKK to philanthropic projects in 2019.

Kim Nøhr Skibsted, executive , Poul Due Jensen Foundation said: "In 2020, Grundfos turns 75. this is often an honest occasion for expanding the donation activities significantly, and that we decide to commit 200m DKK to donations this year. The funds will primarily support our existing donation areas where we support mission-driven research and learning, sustainable solutions, humanitarian aid through access to beverage and inclusion of the socially vulnerable through public-private collaboration. There's many worthy causes to support, and our donations should help cause new, ground-breaking solutions."

In 2019, the inspiration celebrated completion of the Nyarugusu camp water distribution system and bringing access to beverage to over 200,000 people in Western Tanzania in partnership with the American NGO, Water Mission. the inspiration supports similar projects together with UNICEF, Plan International and Oxfam.

COVID-19 means a change of focus

“There’s tons we will do with our knowledge, technologies and donations for people that are often overlooked. Water may be a source of life and a prerequisite for improving quality of life and economic development. WASH (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene) is additionally a core tool to shield humans against the corona pandemic, and that we are following things closely to ascertain how we will be of assistance. Within research, we'll support changed priorities which will help mitigate the results of the COVID-19 outbreak now and in future. we'll remain faithful our partnerships, but we'll adapt to the new reality in Denmark, and globally”, explains the chief Director.

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