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Mother’s Recipe #PerceptionBadlo campaign highlights the stereotypical comments against women

Mother’s Recipe, one among India’s leading FMCG brands has created a strong vox-pop together with Social Panga, that questioned the stereotypical comments targeted towards women on International Women’s Day.

Mother’s Recipe being faithful its ideology, staunchly believes in supporting and treating women equally. To commemorate women’s day the corporate came up with a singular campaign ‘#PerceptionBadlo’ to deal with the stereotypical prejudices related to women.

Speaking about the campaign Ms. Sanjana Desai, executive , Mother’s Recipe - Desai Foods Pvt Ltd said “Mothers Recipe as a brand has always encouraged women empowerment and with this campaign, we aim to bring a change within the mindset of the people that create stereotypical biases against women. we've observed that certain comments and remarks are rooted in centuries-long differences in school , sexism, and stereotyped gender roles at work, in society, and privately life. Hence, we created a campaign #PerceptionBadlo to spread awareness against the biases associated with a selected gender”.

The campaign was a shout-out to challenging gender stereotypes, where different people gave their opinion on the change they need to ascertain rather than the sexist remarks, the sort of comments that they might adore to form . This campaign encouraged folk from different walks of life to share their views and opinions.

She further added, “The campaign effectively received 1.4 million impressions and a complete of 1.2 million across all platforms thus significantly affecting the stereotypical behaviour. We took the stand as a brand and asked the general public to vary their perception”

Adding to the success of the campaign, Himanshu Arora, founding father of Social Panga, added, ‘’The campaign was the results of the analysis we did regarding the present trends around women. We noticed tons of chatter around stereotypical discrimination against women like only girls can wear pink, a lady should have a toddler by the age of 30, women belong within the kitchen, etc. it had been a conscious decision to accompany Mother’s Recipe for this campaign for driving a change. Through this campaign we aim to bring a momentum of adjusting the stereotypical thoughts that are related to women”.

Campaign Credits:

Brand Name: Mother’s Recipe
Campaign Name: #PerceptionBadlo
Campaign elements: Digital Video Content
Creative agency: Social Panga
Campaign Video Link (FB):
Director: Neha Rana, Shrestha Roy
Producer: Sunitha Natarajan
Cinematographer: Shwet Priya
Art Director: Biswajit Paul
Music Director: Biswajit Paul

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