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Doctors perform Live Knee Surgery using KNE3WIZ technology at Digital Orthopedic Technology (DOT 2020) workshop at Ahmedabad

Amidst threat of Cornoavirus there's one less thing to fear – Lack Of Sleep : Study concludes that Heartfulness Meditation practice improves sleep quality even in conditions of chronic insomnia and should facilitate the decrease and eventual cessation of sedative hypnotics in patients affected by chronic insomnia.
Sleep plays a big role in maintaining our vitality and wellbeing. But unfortunately, a substantial proportion of the population struggle to get an honest night’s sleep. Poor sleep for a minimum of three nights every week for over a month, despite adequate circumstances to sleep could also be called chronic insomnia. Poor sleep has been related to mood disturbances, irritability and inability to focus, increased road traffic accidents, elevated vital sign , heart attacks, DM and strokes. there's also a big association with depression and anxiety. While situational stresses can cause transient sleep problems or insomnia, sometimes there could also be a progression to chronic insomnia. it's going to not be an exaggeration to mention that there's no aspect of human wellbeing that's not positively influenced by an honest sleep.

Heartfulness Meditation, a spiritual and wellness practice, improves sleep quality of sleep in patients affected by chronic insomnia - as per findings of a study launched to coincide with the planet Sleep Day. 13th of March is marked as World Sleep Day. Interestingly, the study was conducted in an office setting.

Kamlesh Patel affectionately called as Daaji, the guide of Heartfulness said, “How well we sleep and the way deeply we sleep determines our state of mind throughout the day. Disciplining our sleep cycle changes our life. Increasing number on sleep studies are all pointing to far reaching benefits of sleep on physical, mental, emotional and recently on spiritual wellbeing of an individual . Adequate and appropriate sleep ensures rounded development of a private and meditation is proving to be an enabler of sleep even for chronic conditions. ”

A recent study published within the Journal of Community Hospital general medicine Perspectives evaluated the consequences of Heartfulness Meditation on chronic insomnia. The study was authored by Jayaram Thimmapuram, Deborah Yommer, Luminita Tudor, Theodore Bell, Cristian Dumitrescu and Robert Davis of Wellspan York Hospital, York, Pennyslyvania, USA.

The study was conducted to research the effectiveness of Heartfulness Meditation including sleep hygiene to treat chronic insomnia. Chronic insomnia reflects a big difficulty to either nod off or maintain sleep. most frequently these problems continue for a minimum of a month and sometimes last for several years. The results showed statistical improvements within the measures of Insomnia Severity Index (ISI) in Heartfulness meditators. It showed that Heartfulness meditation may facilitate the decrease and eventual cessation of sedative hypnotics in patients affected by chronic insomnia.

Heartfulness Meditation offered by the Heartfulness Institute may be a simple, easy to implement, heart-based meditation practice aimed toward achieving a state of inner balance.

The study was conducted over two year period with 45 patients enrolled. Of them, 32 patients (71%) completed the whole eight weeks of the Heartfulness Meditation programme.

The results of the study demonstrated improvements in measures of ISI in those participating during a structured Heartfulness Meditation programme along side sleep hygiene. The mean insomnia severity scores decreased by quite half from 20.7 to 10.4.

Figure: Eight weeks of Heartfulness Practice

This is the primary study on insomnia using Heartfulness Meditation in an office setting. The meditation programme utilized in the study demonstrates the potential to enhance sleep and wean off hypnotic pharmacotherapy agents in chronic insomnia. Twenty-four participants were on pharmacotherapy for sleep. At the top of the study eighteen of them (75%) were ready to come off of them and another 3 (12.5%) were ready to reduce the dose. As there are significant side effects that come along side the utilization of pharmacotherapy for sleep, it's important to explore ways to get an honest night’s sleep.

The Heartfulness practice during this study involved half-hour of weekly guided meditation sessions along side a daily home practice of up to 40 minutes. The evening practice of rejuvenation that helps in clearing from the daily impressions of stresses and strains is exclusive to the practice of Heartfulness.The study also found that Heartfulness Meditation are often easily incorporated into the patient’s lifestyle, is cost-effective, and requires no special equipment. The surgery helmed by renowned orthopedic surgeon and therefore the inventor of KNE3WIZ Dr. Manish Shah, MS (Ortho), demonstrated the Evolution of 3D Technology in Total Knee Replacement (TKR)

Renowned orthopedic surgeon Dr. Manish Shah performed live knee surgery using his patented KNE3WIZ technology at the Digital Orthopedic Technology workshop in Ahmedabad today.

The live surgery was performed at the Digital Orthopedic Technology Workshop 2020 (DOT 2020) conducted by SEA (Surgeon Education Academy) at Ahmedabad a primary of its kind workshop that specialize in the evolution of Knee Arthroplasty.

Speaking about this feat the inventor of KNE3WIZ technology Dr. Manish Shah said, “The KNE3WIZ technology may be a highly accurate Total Knee Replacement (TKR) surgery process that builds on all the previous existing technologies to make an augmented system that assesses each use case individually and offers unparalleled precision solution. the merchandise overcomes all the issues faced by conventional and modern TKR surgeries like Patient Specific Instrumentation Surgery, Robotic Surgery also as Computer Assisted Surgery while saving a big amount of your time also as money.”

Attended by over 150 orthopedic and joint replacement surgeons round the country, DOT2020 is India’s first hands-on-workshop with individualized training for bone registration with digital devices. The workshop also included personal workstations for the attending delegates to receive firsthand training on 3D planning for efficient knee replacements additionally to covering the essential tenets of Total Knee Replacement (TKR). The participants also learned to plan and procure 3D printed solutions for TKR.

Post workshop the visiting surgeons were shown the live surgery performed by Dr. Manish Shah and his team using the very innovative Kne3Wiz tool developed by Dr. Shah. Kne3Wiz has been designed as fully surgeon dependent system where once the CT scan gets loaded, the surgeon registers anatomical landmarks, aligns the prosthetic knee, chooses the implant design and finalizes its position. The surgeon then uses the Kne3wiz jig to recreate his or her operative plan with precision, saving both time and money.

Speaking about the DOT2020 Dr. Rakesh Rajput, Sr. Joint Replacement Surgeon and Convener of the conference said “The Digital Orthopedic Technology Workshop was the primary of its kind with a keen specialise in Knee Arthroplasty. The Conference was a requirement for Orthopedic Surgeons, Orthopedic Trainees (Fellows) and Teaching Faculty from the Orthopedic Department as they gained a transparent understanding of varied technological advances in TKR today. Modern technology has crossed thresholds and made rapid advances within the field of knee arthroplasty. From simple 2D vinyl templates to augmented 3D templating, from early computer navigation, to cutting-edge 3D printed patient specific instrument guides and robotics. it's been a monumental shift, and for surgeons, it's imperative to differentiate between a real technological advancement and an all-out marketing blitz.”

Mr. Ketan Jajal who has over twenty years of experience in medical device innovation and has quite ten patents to the present name including a couple of for surgical robotics, further added, “ Be it quaint computer navigation or the foremost recent robotic bone mapping, achieving precise bone registrations using the digital device is that the cornerstone of success for any technology driven surgery assist system. therein order, we bring you India’s first hands-on-workshop with individualized training for bone registration with digital devices.”

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