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This Queer Katta let's listen to your Dating App wali story.

Dating apps have always been a blessing to the LGBTQIA+ community. it's been a platform where a person could sign-up filling up the right details and find for a companion. The Qknit organizes ‘Queer Katta’ an open platform for any LGBTQIA+ individual to return and share their experience. the subject of dialogue for this month is dating apps.

The location for this ‘Queer Katta’ are going to be Sion garden park, to stay this location approachable for a person who would really like to be a neighborhood of this conference and few of the various topics to debate are going to be on the way to safely use dating apps, some personal testimonials on how dating apps have helped find a life partner and also the do’s and don’ts of Dating Apps. All are welcomed to return and share their ‘Dating Apps Wali Stories’

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