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The popularity of Premier League in India has grown by leaps and bounds, says Premier League India Ambassador Ranveer Singh

 Bollywood Star Ranveer Singh and Premier League Ambassador Alan Shearer took part during a cricket skills challenge in Mumbai to spotlight youth tournament between ISL and Premier League

Bollywood actor and Premier League Ambassador for India, Ranveer Singh, took to the turf for an exhibition cricket skills challenge against Premier League record goal scorer Alan Shearer at the Gallant field house in Mumbai. They were joined by youth players from Bengaluru FC, FC Goa, Reliance Young Champs, Chelsea FC, Manchester United and Southampton FC who are here competing within the Next Generation Mumbai Cup, an occasion hosted by the Premier League and Indian Super League to support football development in India.

Ranveer, who is starring in upcoming project named ‘83 said: “ First i might begin by saying that it's such a surreal feeling to be ready to spend each day with a Premier League legend and greatness like Alan Shearer, I even have grown up watching his exploits on the sector , and having him present here in my hometown it’s an enormous honor and privilege.”

Ranveer and Alan interacted with the academy players of subsequent Generation Mumbai Cup, and played a friendly football match with the boys. The Premier League ambassadors then each had a team of the young players work with them to undertake and defeat the opposite in cricket and football skills challenges; bringing the 2 sports and cultures together and sharing some light moments on ground.

“The popularity of Premier League in India has grown by leaps and bounds within the past few years, and that i have had the utmost pleasure of playing the ambassadorial role for Premier League in India so far i'm always in close touch with the Premier League’s London office and therefore the quite initiatives they're planning in India. subsequent Generation Mumbai Cup may be a testimony to the very fact that the Premier League are paving the way for developing grassroots talent within the country and providing a world class platform for budding Indian footballers. I hope I can attract more youngsters to follow the League as I firmly believe that there can't be any better league for football fans than the Premier League.” said the Bollywood actor.

The Next Generation Mumbai Cup takes place during every week of activities dedicated to youth player development as a part of the Premier League’s ongoing partnership with the ISL. Representatives from the Premier League, Chelsea FC, Manchester United FC and Southampton FC will work with 75 ISL coaches, local coaches and referees from across India to steer workshops, offer training and run development forums. The week will provide cultural and academic experiences for the 108 young players involved. This tournament and surrounding events are just a few of the ways the 2 leagues are working together because the Premier League and its clubs provide ongoing support to ISL clubs.

Premier League ambassador Alan Shearer said: “It is my third visit to India and that i love the energy of the place. the quality of football within the country is simply recuperating and better. The Indian Super League and therefore the Premier League are working hard to nurture young footballers through tournaments just like the Next Generation Mumbai Cup and that i haven't any doubt India are going to be producing world class footballers within the future. there's an abundance of young talent in India and collaborative efforts by the Premier League and Indian Super League will help pave the way for young talented players.”

“The games won't only benefit the Indian boys but also the boys from England as they're going to be sampling with a special culture, play against a special football system and pass their knowledge of Premier League football with the ISL which is simply wonderful,” said Premier League record goal scorer, Alan Shearer.

Ranveer Singh when quizzed on Premier League’s efforts of contributing to Indian football. He said: “ The Premier League are performing some wonderful work of importing knowledge, expertise and infrastructure to the Indian football system. we've a boy from Goa and Bengaluru interacting and playing football with the boys from Chelsea, Southampton and Manchester. These are unprecedented ways of promoting the game at the grassroots level.”

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