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Swati and Indresh unite in holy matrimony with Maa Santoshi’s blessings

&TV’s Santoshi Maa Sunaye Vrat Kathayein has started on a high note, with the audience greatly appreciating the new characters and its storyline. Tanvi Dogra who portrays the role of ‘Swati’, an ardent devotee of Santoshi Maa is winning hearts with her on-screen presence and performance. The show with its refreshing narrative carefully draws a concurrent thread of story between heaven and earth with Santoshi Maa (Gracy Singh) as the key narrator.

Intervening between Swati’s wish to marry Indresh (Ashish Kadian) and Goddess Paulomi’s obstacles in breaking the marriage, Santoshi Maa disguises herself in a human avatar to come to Swati’s rescue. Narrating to her the Hartalika Teej Vrat and its importance, Maa Santoshi gives Swati a weapon to invoke Lord Shiv’s blessings to marry Indresh. On the other hand, Indresh’s father Singhasan (Sushil Singh) has plans to marry him to his friend’s daughter Niddhi (Dharti Bhatt).

The lovelorn couple finally unites in holy matrimony at Santoshi Maa temple without the knowledge of their families. Talking about this particular scene Tanvi said “Marrying a person of your choice is so important, and the scriptures are a testament to this. The show very beautifully has drawn a parallel connection between Goddess Parvathy’s situation when she wanted to marry Lord Shiv and Swati’s wish to marry her love Indresh. The common cord between the two being the Hartalika Teej vrat which has been woven in the story. Just like this vrat, there are numerous other vrats which will slowly and gradually take shape with a back story connecting back to Swati’s life, and simple yet powerful teaching behind each one of them”.

With Indresh and Swati taking a plunge, how will Paulomi counter it to split the newly-wed couple? How will their family react to this and will they be able to accept their relationship?

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