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New Gujarati film Golkeri Trailer is here

Golkeri may be a comedy-drama film directed by Viral Shah and produced by Soul Sutra. It stars Manasi Parekh and Malhar Thakkar within the lead role. Sachin Khedekar and Vandana Pathak are going to be seen portraying Malhar’s parents within the film.

Three extremely talented and well-known actors - Manasi Parekh, Vandana Pathak and Sachin Kedekar are debuting with Golkeri within the Gujarati movie industry .

The movie traces the journey of those four characters within the course of 1 night. Sahil (Malhar Thakkar) and Harshita (Manasi Parekh Gohil), overnight end their perfect relationship of two years. But, the maximum amount as they need to maneuver on and move faraway from one another they're stuck in awkward situations put up by their parents who make persistent attempts to bring them back together.


  1. Kachi paki Gol keri

  2. Love you mansi you are my favorite

  3. Sa Mo Su LOL :)

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