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Sterlite Power Signs Technology Agreement with U.S. Based Smart Wires to Bring SmartValveTM to Indian Utilities

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·        Sterlite Power to supply Indian utilities modular power flow control solutions that make transmission grid efficient and versatile

· Exclusive arrangement between Sterlite Power and Smart Wires to plug the technology in India

Sterlite Power, a number one global developer in power transmission, has inked an exclusive agreement with U.S. based Smart Wires to introduce a revolutionary technology for the Indian electric markets which will enable resourceful grid management. This cutting-edge technology is an intelligent ‘valve,’ which will allow utilities to optimally utilise its existing transmission capacity and enhance grid flexibility.

Speaking on the technology agreement, Pratik Agarwal, director , Sterlite Power said, “An environmentally sustainable electricity system is that the anchor for a contemporary society. We are growing at a fantastic pace and wish to seem for innovative solutions for rising grid outages thanks to global climate change , lack of land to create new lines and integration of renewable energy. Modernising the grid to form it ‘smarter’ through the utilization leading edge technology goes to disrupt the landscape and technology goes to be the sport changer during this field.”

Power networks in India are facing major transmission congestion challenges thanks to exponential growth in demand for power and rapid urbanisation. Congestion is usually seen in sub-transmission lines where it's a challenge to attach renewable power. during this context, alleviating congestion and enhancing grid flexibility becomes critical.

Manish Agarwal, CEO, Solutions, Sterlite Power, said, “We are passionate proponents of disruptive technologies which will help our customers meet their energy delivery needs and address the coinciding challenges of your time , space and capital. This technology will enable better power flow, grid stability and enhanced power transfer capacity in existing infrastructure without the necessity for investment in new lines.”

Smart Wires CEO, Gregg Rotenberg, said, “Given the pace and scale of renewable energy growth in India, our solutions can provide immense value to the market. We are thrilled to figure with Sterlite because we knew we would have liked a collaborator who understood the nuances of this market and who could match our passion to rework how electric grids are planned and operated.”

Smart Wires a world leader in modular power flow control, has successfully deployed this state-of-the-art technology globally across the US, Europe and Australia. SmartValve increases power transfer capability by making better use of an existing network. As generation and demand changes, circuits can become unequally loaded. Some lines reach their maximum capacity while others are well below their limits. SmartValve technology can unlock this technique capacity by more evenly balancing power flows and thus provides a quicker-to-install and lower-impact alternative to putting together new lines. it's quick to put in and straightforward to scale or redeploy, providing valuable flexibility given today’s rapidly changing electric system. Based in California, with offices in Ireland and Australia and a worldwide workforce, Smart Wires works with utilities round the world to deal with the unique challenges they face.

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