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Solar Impulse Foundation supports clean and profitable developments

Covestro technologies are Efficient Solutions”

· Solar greenhouse dryers for food preservation

Covestro (India), a number one producer of advanced and high-performance polymers in India and round the globe is making the planet a brighter place by developing sustainable and innovative solutions made from efficient and versatile materials. Being recognised for 1000 sustainability solution labelling, Covestro has recently been granted the Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions Label for 2 projects, which are proven as economically profitable also as environmentally protective solutions: solar-powered greenhouses for drying food to preserve it, and a waterborne technology called INSQIN® for sustainable textile coating. This Label from the Solar Impulse Foundation is a replacement and credible symbol and as a guarantee of quality to those looking to implement clean solutions.

"With our Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label we would like to acknowledge and publicise developments like these Covestro technologies – developments, which may boost economic process while preserving the environment,” explains Bertrand Piccard, Swiss pioneer and founding father of the Solar Impulse Foundation. “By selecting thousand Efficient Solutions, we would like to support and speed up the implementation of unpolluted and profitable solutions within the industry."

“Inclusive Business of Covestro tries to cause sustainable social transformation through innovative projects/solutions to beat challenges the planet is facing currently and therefore the Indian subcontinent especially . Through the installation of solar dyers, we would like to spice up the local economic development and also to support social progress by integrating low-income communities within the value chain. Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions Label is an encouraging recognition of the technology which we've been ready to effectively demonstrate for the advantage of the farmers,” said Mr. B Veeralakshmanan, Head of Inclusive Business at Covestro (India) Private Limited

The solar greenhouse dryer is an efficient, decentralized, cost-effective and sustainable solution for reduction of post-harvest losses in agricultural products. The high efficiency of the dryer is achieved through the utilization of polycarbonate for construction of a parabolically shaped greenhouse. the fabric is transparent to visible and especially infrared and shows good thermal insulating properties, allowing the dryer to heat up quickly. The installation of solar dryers for food preservation is a component of Covestro´s “inclusive business” approach, with which the corporate wants to strengthen local economic development, alleviate poverty and support social progress by integrating low-income communities within the value chain. thus far Covestro has provided the materials for the installation of quite 1,500 solar dryers in several sizes in India and different ASEAN countries, by that significantly increasing the income of regional farmers.

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