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How this Japanese Company is changing the face of Shared Mobility Services in India

-          ORIX Auto Infrastructure Services Limited is India’s largest Car Leasing Company, India’s largest B2B Car Rental Company and second largest Employee Transportation Company

-          ORIX Auto Infrastructure Services Limited is currently operating in 58+ cities in India

We have always heard that change is the only constant. Nothing could be more true when we talk about the shared mobility industry in India, where the disruptions in last 5 years have probably exceeded the technology innovations of over last two decades combined in the ground transportation sector.  The changing usage patterns and changing ownership models have contributed to this paradigm shift and this has been further propelled by various environmental factors like rising pollution levels and search for sustainable environment friendly solutions to service the growing transportation needs of India.

Increasing traffic in metro cities, higher travelling times, road congestion and pollution have all accelerated a shift in consumer usage patterns which is now focused on experience rather than ownership of asset. This has led to growth in the greener shared mobility options like Self Drive Car Rentals, Car Pooling,  Subscription of Cars and Short Term Leasing.

This is where -   ORIX Auto Infrastructure Services Limited, an affiliate of ORIX, a Japanese financial services group, has been building its niche in India over the last 25 years. ORIX has the largest share in the automobile leasing industry in Japan and ORIX Auto Infrastructure Services Limitedis the only company in India which provides an entire gamut of transportation services such as Leasing, Chauffeur Driven Cars, Employee Transport Solutions, Self Drive Car Rentals, Fleet Management Solutions, Subscription of Vehicles and Test Drive Experiences amongst other, under a single umbrella with a presence across all major Tier I and Tier II cities in India.
Completing 25 years in India in 2020, ORIX Auto Infrastructure Services Limited has gradually become a force to reckon with in the shared mobility space in the country by becoming India’s largest B2B Car Rental provider, the largest Car Leasing provider in India and India’s second largest Employee Transportation solutions provider.

Today, ORIX Auto Infrastructure Services Limited has a very enviable client base which includes more than one thousand of India’s biggest corporate houses.  There is a good overlap of its services across these customers and in addition to serving some of the largest names in Corporate India, ORIX Auto Infrastructure Services Limited has also ventured into the retail space where it provides Self Drive Car Rental services under its brand of MyChoize Self Drive Car Rentals present in 17+ cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Goa, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Jaipur and others.

According to various industry reports, India is expected to witness a CAGR of 9.7% in shared mobility industry until 2025 with large population, young demographic and spiking interest in digital media being the primary drivers. ORIX Auto Infrastructure Services Limited currently manages over 25 thousand cars on its platform and provides mobility to overone hundred thousand employees in India on a daily basis.

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