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Double Celebration for Sujoy Mukherjee & Shrishti Munka | Birthday Celebration and Trailer launch of Zindagi Anmol hai

New year is Just Started and celebration is not going to stop for Sujoy Mukherjee and Shrishti Munka as Sujoy has came up with his film "Zindagi Anmol hai" in which joy introducing Shrishti Munka. Shrishti plays a lead actress in the film. 


Zindagi Anmol hai is produced by Joy Mukherjee Production, Directed by Sujoy Mukherjee and it has a strong message which will inspire youth to have never quit attitude and this film is also going to many film festival across the globe. Sujoy Mukherjee Warmly welcomed all the guest at the trailer launch event and Shrishti's birthday celebration and all the guest were in their best outfit and expressed their best wishes to Shrishti and Sujoy 

Shrishti who also celebrated her birthday had a great time with her family & close friends which includes celebrities such as  Reem Sameer Shaikh, Ashnoor Kaur, Roshni Walia, Aashika Bhatia, Saloni Daini and many others
Well, Best wishes to Sujoy Mukherjee  and Shrishti Munka for this flim. films trailer looks promising and we hope it turn out to be a must watch film as it has a powerfull message.

Phoenix Media wishes Happy Birthday to Shrishti,  


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