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ASLAN READS announces the release of “Shaping of The Seed: The Ancient Wisdom of Garbh Sanskar” by prolific author and Padma Shri awardee Bhawana Somaaya

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The child begins absorbing, learning from his/her surroundings as a foetus. Everything that happens to the mother during the nine months of pregnancy directly or indirectly affects the baby’s mental, intellectual and spiritual growth and their persona is a sum total of their experiences – absorbed while inside their mother’s womb and while growing up
It is researched that millions of new mind-cells develop every moment inside the womb of a mother and if they are not immediately directed to the outer world, these cells become dormant.
Therefore, it is imperative that pregnant women are enlightened on the subject of Garbh Sanskar/Shaping of the Seed
Based on years of extensive research and proven results, Shaping of The Seed, written by Bhawana Somaaya is a beautiful tapestry of enlightening thoughts intricately interwoven with her rich experience of glamour world and goes on to reveal fascinating stories of Amitabh Bachchan, Hema Malini, Shabana Azmi as babies in the womb!

 “Writing this book has been a divine experience, I had never imagined I would write a book on motherhood but life is stranger than fiction and I am blessed that I have been given the opportunity to explore so many varied subjects as a writer” says Bhawana on the release of the book
While the acclaimed actors and mother -daughter duo said
“Conceiving me and raising me was a tapasya for my mother Jaya Chakravarthi and when I became pregnant, I wanted to do same for my children”
“There has to be something called bonding before birth because I sensed mama before I was born and someday my daughters will express the same about me”
We would also love to thanks  Ms. Vidya Balan to have read the book and giving us an amazing review on her own Instagram page!
Her kind words of appreciation are engraved in our hearts! Rightly described, she says that the book at the right time, can transform your life.
If you are planning a family and believe that you shape the child while in the womb @ShapingOfSeed by @bhawanasomaaya published by @aslanreads is for you

Book is available worldwide digitally and the print editions are now available across all leading bookstores in India
We are very excited about this book by one of our acclaimed authors Bhawana Somaaya, what makes this book special is her unique insights and real-life experiences of entertainment world that make the book magical and yet so relatable”  says Deepika Singh, Co-founder Aslan Reads

Mother creates life and that life creates another life and the universe continues…

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