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Antarctica as you’ve never seen it before!

Auckland War Museum opens a stimulating new experience for visitors to experience the wonder of computer game

Few are fortunate enough to visit Antarctica. Even fewer experience what it's wish to live there. That's all close to change. Transport yourself to a world of ice and snow through the wonder of computer game and explore each day within the lifetime of Australian Antarctic scientists as they research this mysterious continent.

With 360-degree camera control and stunning 4K, high-resolution vision, you will see first-hand the work that goes into understanding global climate change , managing ecosystems, researching sustainability, and conserving wildlife.

Along the way visitors will:

Explore Antarctica from a helicopter cockpit, even landing on glaciers.
Discover the resident penguin colony and see the new chicks.
Explore Davis Station and logistics that enter surviving the tough Antarctic conditions.
View the spectacular aurora australis in high definition.

This touring event may be a 21-minute 360-degree VR film experience and can run from Saturday 21 December 2019 until Sunday 3 May 2020. The film follows Australian Antarctic researchers and explores different aspects of their lifestyle in Antarctica. Visitors sit in 360 spinning chairs and wear a VR headset and headphones for the duration of the experience.

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