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Aiming to settle abroad? A must attend Seminar by Abhinav Outsourcing in Mumbai

What induces a person to settle abroad? Having a well-paid job, a sophisticated standard of living and better work challenges. Everyone looks for these when they plan to settle abroad but it’s not that simple. Most of us don’t know the actual process of immigration and getting PR status. We often get confused and in the end, drop the idea of going abroad. Well, there are many options to ease and execute the idea of settling abroad and I came across this 25-year-old consultancy who were industry expert and highly experienced professionals. They provided personal attention and eased my mind while describing the entire immigration process, be it for Canada or Australia or any other countries you wish to settle in, Yes I am talking about Abhinav outsourcing. The Mumbai office is situated in the BKC area (Scroll down for Full Address).

I decided to attend a seminar on settling abroad at Abhinav outsourcing and it turned to be an insightful session. COO of Abhinav outsourcing Rohit Sharma was my counselor. It was really informative session, in fact, I got to know about many of the easiest ways to migrate to Canada and Australia. I also got to know about the EB5 Visa which gives you US Citizenship. Trust me! It was good learning for me and I have gained a very good knowledge of the Immigration process. I personally recommend Abhinav to whoever aiming to settle down abroad. Just attend the seminar before you make any decision. It will enlighten and help you to make the best choice.

ABHINAV offers services of authorized representatives for clients who take up services of Canadian Immigration. This is in direct contrast to most others in the market who are mere documentation companies with no authority to represent the client’s interests with any government agency or department! They only prepare and dispatch the file, and after that leave the client to fend for self for the rest of the process. Do ask this question to other consultants and then compare ABHINAV's services, industry standing, and pricing. Then there are companies whose advertisements and websites mention that they have licensed representatives and agents on board but do not offer services after the clients have paid up! ABHINAV is known for its in-time response, results, and transparency in dealings. Contract of engagement is made available to a prospective client prior to payment and thus the client knows the terms of engagement with the company.

ABHINAV has a very clever and proficient back-office process team. This is important because, for life-changing decisions, you should not be dealing with rookies. And the best part is the consulting fee is reasonable you will get top international services, at a fair price!

For more information visit at
Adress : Trade Center, 2nd Floor, Office no - 214/215,, Above VFS, BKC, Bandra East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400051


  1. Do they consult on getting Germany PR, want settle in Germany

  2. How much investment required for EB5 visa

  3. whats the consulting fees?

  4. Interesting canada has target to give PR to Million people by 2021, Hope canadian govt. give PR to those who needed the most

  5. The easiest way to settle abroad is through investment visa since it could grant permanent residency if you meet the certain requirement. The EB-5 could be a good option but of course you have to invest a big capital in the US and be able to create job opportunities in the nation.