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MIT Student & Young Indian entrepreneur, Shweta collaborates with MIT Sloan School of Management to launch a Social Entrepreneurship scholarship in India

Shweta Aprameya

There are a few entrepreneurs like Shweta Aprameya who are redefining the path with their unique ability to build ventures that make a positive social impact in the lives of millions

Shweta is a dynamic leader who has not only held several leadership roles in multinational corporations in UK & India across Digital Transformation, Financial Inclusion & Digital Credit across financial institutions before transitioning to entrepreneurship. From a young age, she has been involved in working to develop social innovation models and being an active member in the entrepreneurial community in India. Her successful ventures – YTS, ARTH & HAPPY have been great examples of delivering value at scale for underserved markets

 With a vision to encourage more entrepreneurs and attract top international talent looking to create smart market-based solutions for delivering impact, Shweta, who is a MIT Sloan alum herself, instituted a personally funded- AIM Scholarship for graduates of the school. She set up a fund pooled with her own personal savings combined with an excellent mentor network to kick start a unique program. This scholarship program is the first of its kind and has been specifically designed keeping the UN SDGs in mind

 “The goal of the fund is to support entrepreneurship & innovation among MIT Sloan Fellows and solve some of the world’s most critical issues. I feel that by supporting thinkers, creators, problem solvers the opportunity to create social impact & improve the lives of millions around the world will be multi fold and the process of meeting development goals can be accelerated. I am so happy that I could collaborate with my school and grateful to the entire community of Sloan for supporting this initiative all along” says Shweta
Heejae Cho
In addition to financial support, the scholarship provides access to industry experts who serve as a collective of advisors to guide from their real-world experiences in the impact space to take the ideas from concept to execution. The entire selection process is handled by programs team at MIT Sloan School Management and students are chosen by an excellent jury especially set up at the school This year, after a rigorous process of selection, Heejae Cho MIT Sloan Fellow MBA has been chosen as the first AIM scholar 2019 for her unique project VIRIDIS RS. The genesis of her project - VIRIDIS RS lies in the agricultural challenges that India faces. Says Heejae Cho, on being awarded the scholarship “I am deeply humbled by the faith AIM has bestowed me with this scholarship. As a first-time entrepreneur and non-Indian it’s a daunting task to start a new techbased start-up here in India. The incredible network I have been able to into as a part of the scholarship will undoubtedly be the key to our success"

Truly, a journey towards global impact begins…

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