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Key takeaways from CII’s National FMCG Summit

CII has hosted its National FMCG Summit in Mumbai. This year the key focus of the Summit was on ‘Growth Wapsi: Revving Up FMCG Growth. According to speakers at the summit India’s FMCG Industry is recovering and forecasting good business growth and some of the companies stated that they have encountered fiscal depression. Here we bring you key takeaways from the Summit.

FMCG sector has made significant contributions to India’s growth story and the sector has persistently maintained robust double-digit growth rates. Business leaders must quickly pivot to invest in strategies that will engineer getting back to double digit growth through a rapid penetration increase


 National plans have given way to localisation and clusterisation. Communication needs to be relevant and in the local context

The sector as a whole is showing signs of revival. The companies that are doing well are those who have built enduring brands, innovated and those who are looking after our planet

The rise of millennials, expanding reach of digitisation in India and the proliferation of choices for the consumer. "Consumption trends have changed – it is more experiential, experimental, more health conscious and more socially and environmentally focused,

Sustainability is steadily gaining traction among consumer brands as a core value and brands need to chart a more sustainable path while staying true to their shareholders

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