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Seal the hair damage, with India’s first data-driven customized hair care, Vedix

In today’s time, when the google searches are filled with natural remedies for hair fall, it tells us that ayurvedic product is the need of the hour. This evidently portrays that women experiencing hair fall are in the search of effective solutions. Second, the vast selection of available Ayurvedic hair fall products simply fails to deliver results. To battle these issues, we have made India’s first customized hair care regime by Vedix.

We made several attempts to curate and present product recommendations to our readers; scoured the market to find Ayurvedic hair fall solutions that were proven effective. But all we got were dead ends. The truth is this, on the one hand, Ayurveda ended up being confused with haphazard kitchen remedies and on the other, it was reduced to a one-dimensional ‘luxury’ indulgence, finished off with frivolous gold packaging and steep prices.

The market’s current offerings in Ayurveda were far from authentic and not efficacious in the least bit. Even the most popular “Ayurvedic” hair oils used generic hair oil formulations that were watered down to cater to the mass market.

We have an inhouse laboratory with Ayurvedic doctors and formulators to find the real reason why the generic Ayurvedic products weren’t working like they were meant to. After all, they do contain potent Ayurvedic ingredients even if they were weak imitations of truly efficacious formulations. And what we found next was the final piece in the puzzle - The Tridoshas.

According to Ayurveda, the three doshas or the elemental characteristics of the body - Vata, Pitta and Kapha must be in balance. Here, balance means that the proportions of each of the components in the body must always remain constant. However, stress, diet, and lifestyle disturb these proportions and force them into an imbalance. Diseases and conditions like hair fall are merely a ‘symptom’ of the imbalance. Not an independent issue in itself. More often than not hair fall is mistaken for the real issue. But in truth, it only represents the internal imbalance of doshas in the body and so, the Ayurvedic remedy must be formulated accordingly.
Collaborating with some of the best Ayurvedic doctors and experts in the country, we found that Ayurveda, by its nature, prescribes customized solutions for each individual. While hair problems seem to be similar for all, only a solution customized to the internal dosha imbalance works for an individual.

The inception of customized Ayurvedic hair care brand – Vedix.
At Vedix, hair care starts with the customer, just like it does at an Ayurvedic doctor’s clinic. Through a holistic assessment of the customer’s bodily characteristics, lifestyle, and habits similar to an Ayurvedic practitioners assessment, the customer’s Ayurvedic profile is created.

How does it work?
An Ayurvedic a profile is a dosha specific picture that analyses the customer’s current requirements to fix the imbalance in their Ayurvedic profile. With this information, the customer is classified into one of 6 broad profiles each of which breaks down into thousands of combinations.

Based on this, a detailed analysis is given to the customer in which their dosha imbalance is explained along with the ingredients required to manage their hair issue. Then, a customized hair care regimen is recommended to the customer which includes ingredients corresponding to the specific requirements as outlined in the customer’s Ayurvedic dosha profile. Created with the aim to chart a customized hair care regime for every woman, Vedix has already assisted over 2 lakh women with their hair concerns within a short span of 3 months.

What’s In A Vedix Box?
Each Vedix box contains an anti-hair fall oil, an anti-hair fall shampoo, and a regrowth serum. All these products contain the exact ingredients the customer needs to pacify their dosha imbalance. With a combined Ayurvedic expertise of 20 years, Vedix’s team of Ayurvedic doctors have spent over 2 years in R&D for Vedix. All our products are designed to be gentle on the hair and scalp and are free of harmful chemical compounds and irritants such as parabens, phthalates, SLS and formaldehyde. The products are also cruelty-free and are ethically manufactured.

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