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Key Takeaways From the Regional Management Conclave

All India Management Association and Bombay Management Association has cooperatively United for the Regional Management Conclave and indeed it was a good show with clever theme which is “Winning in the Digital Age”.Theme is quite relevant and contemporary as we live in the digital world.
here are the key Takeaways from the conclave  

  •         CONTENT IS KING! In interpreting data for knowledge, disruption, and innovation. You can have data without information, but no information and knowledge without data! You have to have data inside out. 
  •     They say Data is the new Oil, but after attending this conclave i must say data is more valuable than oil  The future is in data processing and management – abilities and devices. IOT and AI. Innovation today has to result in enhanced customer experiences.
  •      Going PHYGITAL, in convergence of technology and marketing. Doing well in physical and virtual world. Partnerships in online and offline channels to deliver complete solutions!
  •      Time for personalizing communications which resonate with “optimal experience,” in technology, presentation, and persuasion. There is need to open our minds to learn and absorb. The basics have not changed.
  •      Digital businesses are disrupting industry! Redefining products, consumers, and delivering value. Digital supply chain and economic systems offering convenience, economy, and speed to the new generation of consumers. Digital enterprises of the future disrupt, innovate, and rebuild ideas and people! With greater competitiveness for better profitability, progress and growth at the marketplace
The Conclave creates a new benchmark in history of conferences and conventions hosted by BMA in collaboration with AIMA.

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