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Covestro and North cooperate in the development of smart glasses

Augmented Reality (AR) is currently one of the hottest development topics in consumer electronics. This topic has already been hyped as the next game changer like the smartphone in our daily life. Smart glasses are the entrance step towards AR devices.

Canada-based start-up North is a pioneer in this market by launching the first commercial smart glasses called Focals® that look like everyday glasses. One of the many challenges with developing such complex devices is not sacrificing form factor for functionality, thus maintaining the appearance of standard glasses. Covestro’s Bayfol® HX products offer cutting edge solutions to enable high performing yet design-appealing smart glass products.

Since the inception of Focals®, Covestro has been the strategic supplier of tailored materials for North’s diffractive optical solutions. “North is engaging with Covestro in development efforts involving the use of certain Covestro customized photopolymer films, to obtain excellent optical performance and outstanding cosmetic appearance in seethrough AR applications on North devices,” said Stefan Alexander, Vice President, Advanced R&D at North.

Extended battery life through photopolymer films
A challenge with all mobile computing platforms is battery life, which Covestro’s photopolymer helps maximize. "In mobile applications where battery life is decisive, low energy consuming devices can be realized with Bayfol® HX film," explained Dr. Friedrich-Karl Bruder, Head of Application Development Holographic LightGuiding at Covestro. “This is due to the distinct feature of volume holograms recorded into our film that allows a high diffraction efficiency for light guiding and light redirection which can be tuned to almost 100 percent.”
Thanks to its long-standing expertise, Covestro is well positioned to provide innovative solutions in holography technology and photopolymer chemistry. "Our experience built over the past decade enables solutions for specific requirements,” said Thomas Roelle, Head of Raw Materials for Holographic LightGuiding at Covestro. “Covestro’s infrastructure is set up to translate complex optical needs into viable material solutions on an industrial scale."

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