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Play review – Dance like a Man - Perfect Blend of Art, Emotions & Humor | Rating - 5 Stars

Director: Lillete Dubey
Cast: Joy Sengupta, Anant Mahadevan, Lillete dubey, Suchitra pillai
Written by: Mahesh Dattani
Rating : *****

Mumbai theater has produced so many good plays and “Dance Like A Man” is one of them. This was a 621st show at Royal opera house in Mumbai which is perfect venue to have grand re-opening show. The play was first performed at Chowdiah Memorial Hall, Bangalore on 22 September 1989


The Story: Story revolves around past and present with the same cast with dual acts this is the most delightful creation of writer. Story is a tale of three generation; their visions, struggles, sacrifices and internal conflicts which mainly focuses on dancing couple on how they muddle through life.      

The Performance: Having all the veteran cast in the play leaves no room for error in performance, all the actors did full justice to their character, with decent balance of male and female acts. Lillete Dubey and Suchitra pillai done a fabulous job in gripping the audience with their best skills on the other hand Joy & Anant has also set a boundless efforts with their charm.

The Verdict: With commanding performance and abundant story telling art this is a must watch play,watch it twice if you are a kathak or kuchipudi dancer you will enjoy it. This has already completed 621 shows globally and I wish this should touch 1k mark.

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