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Hogar is Leading Home buyers into the future’s “Smart Life” Philosophy

We are living in the digital era, everything is controlled digital so why not our homes. imagine the convenience of being able to switch on your water heater remotely from your mobile and have your shower ready even before you get home tired post work. Well to ease this US based colossal “Hogar” has introduced the smart life Philosophy where you can control all your Electronics straight from your smartphone. Whether it’s your video doorbell or a lights or a CCTV camera all you can monitor from the app and the installation time won’t bother you much.
Designed with the latest technology and powered by the Z-Wave smart home wireless protocol and multiple connectivity options, Hogar home automation products provide you with remote access from anywhere around the world. All the smart home devices come with retro-fit as well as custom fit options based on your requirement so you do not have to worry about installing them on a new project or even in your old house.

Hogar today has 11 smart devices and product as part of its home automation series under four distinct categories- smart touch, enviro and security. Hogar controls recently launched PRIMA+, also known as master bedroom control, its latest offering from its touch series range in the India market the smart panel features 6 touch switches for multi-functional requirements and is additionally equipped with a light dimmer, fan sped controller and a motion sensor. And all of these is just Plug and Play.

Upbeat about Hogar’s growth plans, Vishnu reddy, CEO, Hogar says, The Gradual growth and acceptance of technology, new product designs and availability of uninterrupted Wi-Fi services presents a huge opportunity for IoT and automated products both in india and across other parts of the globe. Hoger is committed to support our customer with innovative technology and advances manufacturing solution in our key market around the world.

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