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Fashion brand ‘A Curve Story’ promotes inclusivity through its campaign ‘You are Heard’

Spreads awareness on body image, mental health & the LGBTQIA community through a thought-provoking digital campaign

In an attempt to shed light on those facing unfair prejudices due to their personal choices of body and lifestyle, A Curve Story - an inclusive fashion brand launches their digital campaign ‘You Are Heard’. This month long campaign emphasizes on the struggles of the curvy, those undergoing mental health challenges and the LGBTQIA community, in feeling inclusive amidst a society operating under prejudices. Founded by Akanksha Savanal - a former celebrity stylist on her own journey of self-love, A Curve Story (ACS) as a brand believes it is now more important than ever to create awareness on Body Image, Mental Health & the LGBTQIA community and fashion can act as a great driver.

Through ‘You are heard’ the brand aims at extending its support to the emotional turmoil one goes through to feel included. The campaign addresses the stigma surrounding all 3 topics - Body Image, Mental Health and the LGBTQIA community. Each segment is a mix of lesser known facts, definitions and unpacking common myths attached to each. “Through this campaign A Curve Story wishes to create a space where we share our thoughts. We are hopeful that we are able to act as a catalyst for discussions where all opinions can be heard,” says Akanksha Savanal, founder of ACS. 

“The majoritarian mindset relies on the ‘rules’ of what one can and cannot wear and also, the representation of curvy bodies in mainstream media still has a long way to go. However, the appreciation received by the brand so far, for its no-holds-barred posts is telling of the change in audience mindsets and that is a highly positive sign!”, she adds.

The brand’s spotlight is on the need for citizens to educate themselves about the life and struggles of the LGBTQIA community,
instead of leaning on them to teach us. The campaign features a line of T-shirts
for each theme called ‘Comfy with a Purpose’ - that features a powerful statement. The tees are shot with people who actively relate to each theme - including two out and proud members of the LGBTQIA community. On being asked about the shoots, Akanksha says, “It’s an absolute blast working with these young models. Not only did our conversations give me further insight into the type of stigma each of them have had to handle, but also felt like a positive and powerful step towards what I envision ACS to grow into- A platform for all voices!”

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