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Phoenix Exclusive - In Conversation with Batla House Actress Sonam Arora

 In conversation with Modern day Actress & Rising Star Sonam Arora,who is high on the success of her recent film Batla House 

· What made you decide to pursue a career in entertainment Industry?
Well, nothing was decided, when you are in school you have many options in mind to be something, I had done my schooling from Karnal, Haryana so from there to come to Mumbai is like an impossible to think aunt was a nurse so I felt that I will become doctor but one thing I have always said is that whichever field I choose I want to make my name in that particular industry and yes I was good in dance as well I grew up watching Madhuri so along with dancing I did reality shows I represented my school in many shows I was good in all my extracurricular activities in school and my parents also supported me and encouraged me to participate here and there festivals and competitions and from there on I made a good carrier in dancing then I came to Delhi for a corporate show then someone told me there is audition going on T-Series and “You have a good face, you are a good dancer so this way my journey has started with T-Series in Delhi I worked for 2-3 years and then I shifted to Mumbai so this how my journey to entertainment industry had started. 

·   From Doing a TV Show to signing a Bollywood film with A List actor how’s this journey been?
See I am an outsider, I don’t have any godfather from the industry so none of my family member had connection in Bollywood. So for me this industry is like alien I don’t know anyone, so when I came I haven’t thought that I will be doing only films because when you arrive in Bombay you spend some time in understanding the city only. I have given 8 years to TV so I was confident that will get a job in TV but no it was very difficult, have given auditions for 7-8 years but nothing happened. Did few cameo in TV Serials but was not getting the role which I wanted. I did cameo in “Qubool Hai” then did it in “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” & “Dill Dosti dance” and then finaly I got a running show “Aadhe Adhoore” I did a negative role so from there people started knowing me and yes in 2016 my journey had good turn I was getting the short films offers. I did my first short film in 2016 called “Shubharambh” so this how my journey got diverted from TV to Films. I haven’t thought of doing films I felt that I am not perfect for films because film has a different criteria. So this batala house role I haven’t thought of getting it, it’s like “bin mange moti mile” something like magic happen to me and I got this role.

·  What are those challenges you face?
Oh my god, who doesn’t face challenges? I am an outsider now I am not now I am quite settled in the industry but of Corse when you come to Bombay first you want to survive so.and the problem of television industry is the pay cheque. They give after 3months but you have to pay rent ever month so financially, personally, emotionally & physically every challenges I had face and tolerated because my family also not that strong enough to provide financial support to me. So there are many occation where I couldn’t pay my rent because I haven’t received my pay cheque or I couldn’t pay my food expenses so I have face major challenges financially 

· How you end up signing Batla house?
After starting my carrier in 2016 suddenly I got a call from casting house and they said there film called batla house and we are looking for the talents like you to play the role of wife of Ravi Kisan I said, “Are you sure I’m suitable for this character. Then I got a positive feedback and I gave my audition clips and got short listed in 15 days but I forgot about it I wasn’t sure whether I’ll get this role or not because it’s a big film and its having John Abraham along with all good artist and somewhere I felt I won’t get a chance but something happen and it turn out positively for me and completed the shoot and film got superhit.

· How was your experience working with John Abraham?
OMG, John is awesome, he is mind blowing I don’t have words to describe him, he is very interesting person, I haven’t felt that I am working with him for the first time. I felt like I know him from so long. He made me comfortable as he always do for other co-actors. and it’s a fun to work with him.

·  After Satyameva Jayate, Batla house is your 2nd Film with John, is there any changes in the work pattern or it’s the same?
Well, there were no scenes of mine with john, I had most of my scenes with Manoj Bajpai sir I was playing a role of reporter yes there are changes and firstly Nikhil Advani didn’t shot my scenes and secondly I haven’t had john with me but production house was the same team was same   from DOP to AD all this was similar.

·  I’m sure you must have offered many films, how difficult is to say “NO” to a film which you don’t want be part of?
First of all I haven’t got that time in which I say no to films but yes apart from this I’m getting offered to do web series and short films or any other projects so I am very choosy to accept such offers because I think this is the time where I want to prepare my base in the industry so I have to choose wisely keeping in mind my image in the industry for future growth so now a days I am choosing those roles only in which I portray as an artist to the audience. I don’t mind doing bold roles but for me it’s important for whom I am doing the bold role, which production house who is the director, actor how they going to shoot the scenes that’s very much important to yes I am a very choosy now a days because I want to take my career to new heights.
·  From Bollywood which particular film has influenced you the most?
Yes, one film that 3 idiots influenced me and my life. Actually when I was giving auditions for TV. There were time when I used to get depressed and no one is to support you. So there is a dialogue in 3 idiots by amir khan “Kabil Bano Kamiyabi apne aap aapke paas ayegi” these line influenced me most in my I felt instead of running for work I should improve my acting skills and groomed my self and then I got batla house.
· Are you doing any web series?
Yes I am doing a web series, it’s coming on a very good platform but right now I cannot disclose, I can’t reveal what I am shooting but after 2 month will defiantly share.
· What advice you would love to give to the youth who wants to be part of the Entertainment industry?
All I want to say to everyone is have patience we come here and we want to be star overnight but it’s impossible, no one has become star overnight everyone has their long journey and it’s very difficult and different so it takes time and be patience improve yourself and groom yourself and one day you will definitely get good opportunity and then time will be yours but don’t loose hope and put your best effort by doing hard work your time will definitely come “apna time ayega”
· Your birthday is coming, what’s the Plan?
Oh yes my birthday is coming on 18th Sep, as of now no plans I guess I am shooting on 18th but not yet fixed if I am shooting then will be celebrating my birthday on the sets and if I am not shooting then I haven’t decided yet but yes before 2 days of my birthday will get to know what am I doing.

well all the very best Sonam for your future endeavor and Happy birhtday in advance enjoy your day. 

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