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KOMPANERO Presents Handcrafted Leather Sneakers

Handcrafted Leather Sneakers

Kompanero, the leather the accessory brand presents its leather sneaker line. The sneakers are made from handcrafted leather in two trendy colors of the seasons- red & blue! From a lot of options available in the sneaker market, the Kompanero sneaker is supposed to be different- Engineered with durable material and versatile design!’

Sporty designs have been combined with vintage style and luxury materials. These Kompanero sneakers with original prints and textures can be an alternative to formal shoes. Pick out the perfect pair in the color that suits your personal style! The color red has a mesh-like panel, lace-ups and stylized rubber sole to add high versatility to your style quotient. The blue color has a dual appeal to it with a sharp style. The croc-leather patterned outsole makes them second to none. 

KOMPANERO is a brand that celebrates ‘Handcrafted Vintage Styling’. The team at KOMPANERO prides themselves on innovation and, is constantly in the process of creating products that grow in character over time, relevant to the current fashion trend. You won’t find a more interesting array of leather products in any one brand in India.

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