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Clovia’s Nightwear Line Spells ‘Fearless’, Is Inspired By Anmol’s Brave Spirit

India’s fastest-growing lingerie and sleepwear label, Clovia, is gifting every woman a new motto – #HappyIsMySuperpower – inspired by the brave heart - Anmol Rodriguez.

Clovia’s recently launched line of quote-print nightwear expresses Anmol’s soaring spirit, which only grew stronger despite her unique challenges. Anmol was a child acid attack victim but as she healed, she evolved into a gutsy young woman who let nothing hold her back. Anmol overcame every challenge that life threw at her and, as a fashion icon, is now living her dream.

Capturing this spirit is Clovia’s recently launched line of nightwear. Sleepwear is an intimate part of every woman’s wardrobe and Clovia’s striking quote-prints inspire the modern Indian woman to liberate her true self. The range is crafted from butter-soft and breathable cotton-based fabric and is available in strong colours as well as pastels shades to match Anmol’s mood & personality.  Clovia’s quirky & comfy ‘fearless’ nightwear range is sending out a powerful message – just as Anmol has chosen to celebrate life and choose joy, so should you.

Clovia’s recent collection is such a hit that it’s selling out very quickly, and the label’s social media handles have been flooded with customers’ comments applauding the brand for acknowledging substance over beauty. When women choose Clovia’s new line, they are investing in more than just nightwear – just like Anmol, they are embracing who they truly are and celebrating happiness as their superpower.

India’s premier fashion lingerie, innerwear, loungewear, nightwear and swimwear brand is feminine yet assertive. The label has prints, styles and cuts for every personality. Now Clovia is giving you a new line of nightwear to revel in – and a reason to shout, #HappyIsMySuperpower!

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