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Attra’s Holidays & Camping Farm - Best Place for your Weekend Gateway

Today I am writing about my personal experience at Attra’s Holidays & Camping Farm, “A Farm stay that resonates with the soul of nature.”

Day 1

We started Our Journey from Dadar with our dear friend Sonali. By road it took 2 Hours approx.. to cover a distance of 70kms distance to reach Attra’s Holidays & Camping Farm situated at Karjat, Raighad.

Our arrival was accompanied with delicious with a delicious mocktail (Varity of flavours).

After settling into our rooms and spending a brief moment freshening up, the guides available at the farm helped us to explore 12 acer vast land that was dense with a variety of trees, Mainly mango tree. The property comprises of 3 big bungalows with 2 swimming pools. This entire Farm is efficiently managed by a dynamic and resourceful Miten Bhai. His active approach to ensure the well beings of all things in the farm is evident by all the animals that he has helped rescue. The rescued animals even include a few horses which have be trained well be ridden by kids and adults. Horses Lucky and Jacky are infamous amidst kids who visit this farm. The farm stay even offered activities like rifle shooting and archery for those interested

We took a few hours nap in afternoon just to regain energy for evening pool party.

Day 2

On Day 2 we woke up at 8am with a beautiful view from the window. The entire range of mountains opposite to the farm resembled a blanket of greenery, a view that has to be experienced to be explained. The serenity and calmness this farm projects is something that life in a city is completely devoid of.

At 9am they served us a tasty breakfast (Tea/Coffee, Misal pav , Idli & Samosas)

After breakfast we again went to the swimming pool to enjoy our last day. A memorable experience that has definitely rejuvinated me

Written by  Dwarkesh Punjani

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