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Star India distributes eco-friendly flags on account of India's 73rd Independence Day!

In an encouraging and positive endeavour towards a greener India, Star India has distributed eco-friendly National flags which have been sourced from 21Fools. With a novelty in thought, these flags are made out of waste cotton and are embedded with marigold seeds. As it is known how every year on 15th August, when the nation celebrates Independence day, millions of little Indian flags are bought and sold for the purpose of symbolism and promoting national sentiment, and once used are discarded disrespectfully and hence end up becoming an environmental hazard. But these eco-friendly flags, after their use can be respectfully placed in soil and can turn into healthy saplings, contributing towards a healthy and greener India

The above initiative is directly inspired by Shubhendu Sharma, an Industrial engineer and Eco-entrepreneur, who after speaking on the stage of TED Talks India Nayi Soch  (aired on Star Plus in Dec 2017) about his campaign ‘Tiny Forests’, aimed at planting trees and creating mini forests, gained such traction that he went around the world planting trees and has been doing notable work in his field.

Star India came up with this idea, thereby extending its support towards the promotion of planting trees which is a major requisite for human beings in today’s times. 
Needless to say it’s a brilliant initiative and as more and more citizens are getting wary of this, we are sure of having an eco-friendly celebration of Independence Day!
“Harey Rang se jab khil uthega gulistan humara, tabhi to hogi Nayi Baat!’

TedTalk will air soon on Star Plus !

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