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Phoenix Exclusive | Aryeman - Influencers give more mileage than most media options.

The scenario was mesmerizing. A packed auditorium of young collegians who gave a standing ovation for a 30-minute workshop on “How to be a Social Media Superstar?”
Not only were the youngsters super-charged and inspired with the learnings but also the college agreed to take the speaker on as a Guest Faculty. That’s the power and persona of an Influencer. Aryeman has carved a niche for himself in an over-crowded zone of Millennials. Influencers do command a reach for brand and product collaborations but there’s that cutting edge with Aryeman provides.
Browse on, while he shares some pearls of wisdom on what makes him successful as an Influencer.  

What prompted you conduct workshops like “How to be a Social Media Superstar”?
There are ample of videos about social media but very few actually impart tips that work. I happened to drift into training since imparting knowledge also makes me in a learner from the students I train. My workshop takes you through the steps of formulating your Superstar status. You have to do your own homework, success follows through consistent and catchy updates.
How did you plan your progress to reach this stage?
I have always created opportunities rather than wait for doors to open for me. Three years back, I focussed on Facebook where I created accounts, pages, groups and more which promoted truthful reviews. Today, those pages (under generic names and other social media options like Instagram, Twitter, blogs and more) have followers who diligently trust the verdicts. One has to build the bonding with your followers where your genuine opinion and path-breaking thoughts open up a discussion box and bring about a change.
From a brand perspective, how effective is influencer marketing for a brand?
Influencers give more mileage than most media options. When costs are compared, influencers surely offer more value-for-money. The brands can decide the target audience range and decide on pre-set parameters for success of a campaign. Just imagine a brand paying a minimum of 2 lakh rupees for a small advertorial in a newspaper which is forgotten by the end-of-the-day versus an influencer campaign which is everlasting.

You seem to have done more product collaborations (almost 300 in a span of 3 months) than most millennials. How do you manage to convince the brands?
I don’t just dwell on my Instagram page to promote a brand. Depending on the collaboration value, I carve out a 360-degree campaign which involves subtle promotions with various gimmicks. The effort is to maximise the reach for the brand without making it a bold, in-the-face promotion.
Are there hurdles you face with the Millennials of today?
Yes, I do face resistance and politics (due to the age factor) from brands and PR agencies. Insecurity is at its peak but I compete with myself on a daily basis. I always believe that the ‘power of the pen is mightier and more effective than a picture’. Just having a pretty face and displaying your assets may get you likes, but the brand gets no recall value if the caption and short script lacks the punch. #AryemanSaysSo speaks the truth and endorses the right brands. Influencing is all about being a brand or a role model before others start believing in you.

What does the 360-degree campaign entail? Could you elaborate on that?
Well, the approach is multi-dimensional and has various flavours. Sharing details of the in-depth campaign details would be letting the cat out of the bag. The ideas keep changing and evolving. Trade secrets are rarely shared since the client pays money just not for the innovative idea but also for its execution.

Besides all this, you also are a Meme creator and your content is circulated to popular pages or even part of topical launches and campaigns. Not getting due name credit, plus creating copy on a regular basis – how does all this work for you?
You seem to have done some background checks on me for sure. If my content is posted on popular pages / campaigns without my name, I am perfectly content since I am paid for what I deliver. Creating a minimum of 100 Memes on a daily basis does get chaotic. The solution is to interact with some whacko people around me who inspire me. In fact, my housemaid’s chatter and complaints give me some hilarious real-life situations which I incorporate with a creative twist. Today, audiences love micro-blogging posters which have deep thoughts and could inspire you to start thinking. I am okay with anonymity so long as I get paid on time.
What are your future plans?
So far, the going has been great. Constant innovation, breaking the rules and setting trail-blazing trends is a never ending process. The sky is the limit if you want to be a Superstar in life!!

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