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Former IAS Officer Dr. Aruna (Limaye) Sharma unveils 'You @ Game Changer'

The Indian constitution is the most notable document for an Indian as it mentions about the fundamental rights of each and every Indian citizen. Provision of basic necessities like developed infrastructure, clean water, and surroundings, etc. are a part of the constitution and that the government should provide the taxpayers the said amenities. To look after the public sector, the government employs a civil servant. Civil servants then make it a priority to put citizens in the first place and to represent their interests. One of the many examples of the enthusiastic civil servants is Dr. Aruna Sharma who is a retired civil servant and has been playing an active role in the development of the nation.

Knowing that not many citizens are aware of their rights to basic necessities and the funds provided by the Government for the same, Dr. Sharma decided to spread awareness by launching ‘You @ Game Changer for Inclusive Growth’, a highly insightful book at Four Seasons, Mumbai. Even after retiring, Dr. Sharma continues her contribution towards the country.

During the launch of the book, she addressed the people and mentioned how each constituency can tackle the funds available and make the country a better place to live. She aesthetically stated this in an example “One should decide whether the mint should be sold as a vegetable in the market or make a profit by making menthol out of it and the remainders of which can be sold as masala in the market”. Her insights dexterously explained how a village can be smart, how prosperity can be dynamic, how the community can play a role in the growth of the same and so on while giving an overview of the book.
Mr. Manish Gupta from Indra Publishing House expressed how this book demonstrated the power to bring a positive change in society and encouraged them to publish it.

Also, present there, Mr. Shifuji Bhardwaj - a well-known actor as well as a trained martial arts professional, joined hands to strengthen the cause of spreading awareness which Dr. Sharma has been doing. Mr. Bhardwaj believes that the youth has the power to transform the world with their active and positive energy. “It is the coming generation that can change things how it wants to and the social media will be the helping hand for it", quotes Mr. Bhardwaj. He considers the association with Dr. Sharma to be a boosting message for the people who believe they can bring some change.

The book reading session educated the people in the hall on how the Constitution has amendments for its people and how it can be put to use for bestowing each citizen with their fundamental rights.

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